External Hemorrhoids – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Hemorrhoids are described as swollen blood vessels of the rectum. The veins can be found in the lowest part of the rectum as well as the anus. Piles [hemorrhoids] are classified into two kinds; external and internal. This article is basically going to emphasize on external hemorrhoids, and provide information on symptoms, causes, and possible treatments.

External hemorrhoids lie inside the anus and cause severe pain and discomfort. It is not difficult to identify this condition once it relapses as it can be seen anytime you are passing stool.

People suffering from this condition usually experience lots of discomfort as a result of the blood clots that sometimes form within the prolapsed external hemroids. Once the situation or condition assumes a different dimension known as thrombosis; it becomes frightening.


Causes are not exactly clear ; but what is clear is the fact that about 40% of people living in the United States will suffer from this condition at some point of their lives. Some of the suspected causes of this condition include the following:

Diet- people who consume too much of processed foods or foods very low in fibre are at higher risk when it comes to this condition.

Diarrhea- is also one several suspected causes or conditions that aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Constipation- constipation and straining also cause and promote hemorrhoids. Constipation promotes hard stools that can also aggravate the condition.

Other causes include the following; pregnancy, obesity, and cirrhosis.


Hemorrhoids symptoms are obvious; especially when it comes to the external one. Some of these symptoms include the following: anal itching; bleeding, and pain. However, it is important to state that symptoms may not always be visible in all cases.


There are several ways to treat hemorrhoids  including home treatment, surgery, and over the counter medication.

The possibility of getting fast and lasting relief from pains and symptoms associated with haemorrhoids at home cannot be ruled out. Some of the tips you can try at home include the following:

Fibre- Adding more fibre to your diet can soften stools and make them easier to pass. Some foods high in fibre include; wheat and oat bran, beans, broccoli, whole grain foods, and few others.

Sitz bath- This h can relieve itching, irritation, and spasms of the sphincter muscle.

Over-the-counter-medication - Several creams and drugs have been formulated with the right ingredients to help relieve symptoms and pains.

Surgery- this is only necessary when external hemorrhoids becomes large, protruding, or when it defies other treatments.

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