Eye Floaters Treatment

eye floaters treatment

Looking for a natural eye floaters treatment. Well you came to the right place!

The primary cause of eye floaters is age related changes that take place inside the eye. Objects that are in the eye’s field of vision will reflect light rays, which are then focused on the retina; this is what causes us to see eye floaters. Prior to reaching the retina, the light has to pass through a substance that is known as the vitreous humor. The vitreous humor is connected to the retina, and it is also made up of a number of fine fibers. As people age, the vitreous humor will shrink and sometimes get detached from the eyeball’s inner surface. When this happens, small lumps of various shapes and sizes will form.

Some people will have vitreous humors that are stringier than others, and these persons will have strings or lumps that partially obstruct the light rays that are trying to pass through the retina. When this happens, these persons will experience shadows in their vision. Generally, eye floaters will develop gradually; however, there are some people who experience symptoms of the condition suddenly. There are some cases where you will find that the fibers of the vitreous humor shrink so much that they cause the retina to be displaced, which ultimately affects the vision. Although the most common cause of eye floaters is age, other causes are inclusive of trauma of the eye, pregnancy, and complications of diabetes.

It has been said that mild cases of eye floaters will go away naturally;

however, there are times when different types of eye floaters treatment can be used. There are some people with cases of eye floaters where the eyes become used to the presence of the eye floaters; as such, the condition gets worse over time. There is no known medication that has been proven to successfully decrease or completely remove the number of eye floaters. If you have several eye floaters that are affecting your normal vision, then there is one eye floaters treatment that your doctor will suggest. This is a surgical procedure known as vitrectomy, which is surgically removing the vitreous humor.

Another eye floaters treatment is the laser treatment, in which a laser is used to break up the eye floaters. These two types of eye floaters treatment should never be performed on individuals that suffer from the common type of eye floaters, as result of posterior vitreous detachment or vitreous syneresis. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that these types of eye floaters treatment will work, and they are also very risky.

One alternative eye floaters treatment is psychological conditioning. This is where the patient undergoes some form of psychological therapy to help him or her get used to the eye floaters.

Now, if you do have eye floaters and are looking for a natural eye floaters treatment, the most common way is by exercising your eyes. You should check out the eye exercises to improve vision here. We highly recommend if you want to rid yourself of eye floaters visit this page for an eye floaters treatment.

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