Feng shui cures

feng shui cures

Create Your Own Cures

Wherever there is an area in your home or office that needs to be uplifted, you can apply your own Custom Cure.

Feng Shui Cures can take many forms, and may include some of the above items. In order to apply your own power to making personal changes, define for yourself what your ideal outcome looks like.

For example, you might be going through a time of leaving a job and looking for another way to make a living. In order to set yourself up for a positive move, define your new ideal situation and then place items in your surroundings that will remind you of your new goals.

You can use a poster of a new location, a picture of someone working at a business that you would like to join, or any other reminder of your dream. A tangible, physical item serves as a visual or audible representation while it works on your subconscious mind as well.

In this manner, you are using Feng Shui techniques to activate The Law of Attraction to bring your new business or way to earn income to you.

A Feng Shui Cure that Worked Too Well.

We have a very good friend who told us this story about the power of applying a Feng Shui Cure.

Our friend who had been with her boyfriend for about a year, decided that she wanted him to propose marriage to her. Since it didn't look like a proposal was coming from him any time in the near future, she decided to hasten the proposal by focusing on the Marriage & Relationship Gua of their apartment.

It so happened that there was a bookshelf in the Relationship Gua constructed of wood boards for shelves that were supported by plastic crates.

Our friend decided that she would "cement" the relationship by replacing the supporting plastic crates with concrete cinder blocks. Her Intention in applying this Feng Shui Cure was to create a solid, secure relationship, and of course, her purpose was to invite the marriage proposal.

Within just 48 hours of placing the cinder blocks into the bookcase in the Marriage & Relationship Gua, she and her prospective husband found themselves singing a song from Godspell, the Musical. Suddenly, he dropped to one knee and proposed!

Our friend was delighted that her Feng Shui Cure worked so quickly. But, then something began to happen. While the relationship remained solid, from the day of the proposal on, it shifted into one that was "rigid, hard and horrible". The concrete blocks has done their job.

Feng Shui Cures can be so effective that it's important to remember to choose the actual application very carefully. Our friend did get married, but the relationship was never satisfying due to the rigidity their interactions.

So, be sure and think through your Intention and how you apply your Feng Shui Cures. Feng Shui Cures work!

Feng Shui Purple Amethyst Cluster For Wealth

Create your Personal Cures

This is an outstanding Quality Amethyst Cluster. Placed in the prosperity area of the home this will energize that area to increase wealth and prosperity. This is a must have for your prosperity corner of your home or office.

Use your imagination to create your own personal

Feng Shui Cures .

To encourage more Wealth & Prosperity into your Life, find something that means money, prosperity or wealth to you. Position

that item or arrangement of meaningful items in a place where you see it every day.

We have a friend who placed her sparkling emerald earrings into a beautiful bowl, and displayed it openly in The Wealth & Prosperity Gua of her home. She was reminded every day of her desire to attract more money. Within a few months, her wealth increased when she received a very large bonus check earned through her job.

True Story

When we spoke about uplifting the entrance to my client's home, I gave my usual advice to her - that is, to place matching Greeters on either side of her front door. Two similar items serving as Greeters encourage good Chi Flow through the front door, and remind those who enter that there is harmony and balance inside the home or office door.

My client remembered that she had stored two black vases that her father had made many years ago. She found the vases, planted beautiful flowers inside the bowls and sat them on either side of her front entrance.

Every time that she went in or out of her door, this lovely lady felt comfort and happiness by being reminded of her father and his creativity.

The Point Is

You have the ability to create Feng Shui Cures that may mean something to only you. If you would like to uplift a certain area of your home or office, decide what makes you very happy or comforted when you look at it. You will know it when you find what it is that feels good to you.

Put something in your surroundings that will be a constant reminder of your highest good.

Reinforcements: Activate Changes after applying

Feng Shui Cures

  • Most Important: Activate Feng Shui Cures and Remedies with Intention . Engage Your Clarity, Will, Motivation & Desire
  • Your Intention Increases the Power & Effectiveness of Your Cures so be sure to.
  • Know What You Want
  • Visualize the Desired Outcome
  • Place your Cures & Remedies within your room, garden, home and office to remind yourself of your desired outcome
  • Speak your goals out loud, and say an intentional prayer, asking for the highest and best for all concerned
  • Then let it go with no worries about the come, and relax - knowing that your good is coming to you through The Law of Attraction
  • Expect the Result without being attached to the exact way that it shows up - the outcome may be much better than you had imagined!
  • Install a mobile in the Center of your house or room, to invoke energy circulation and flow. The center of the house is the prime place to apply a health cure

    A Versatile Light Cure - The Candle

    Place with Intention for Feng Shui Cures

    The candle is one of the most versatile Light Cures. Like the Mirror, the candle can be placed in many spots in your home or office to correct stale Chi Energy. or brighten a dark Yin area. A candle can be used to represent one or more of The Five Elements through use of a specific color or texture.

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