How to Cure Fibromyalgia Naturally – 7 Tips To Treat Fibromyalgia

A lot of fibromyalgia patients have spent many years in pain learning how to cure fibromyalgia naturally . We can learn from their experiences and take advantage of the latest developments in the world of medicine to provide relief to those suffering from this disease. Though some treatments work better for some people than others, here are some of the ways which have been found to be most effective by a lot of people for curing fibromyalgia.

How To Cure Fibromyalgia Naturally With Herbal supplements

1. Magnesium is an element which is usually obtained from our daily diet. But people who suffer from even slight deficiencies of magnesium can sometimes experience severe muscle pains and migraines.A person’s blood test may give a normal test for magnesium however sometimes even very slightly below normal level of magnesium can cause problems and cause symptoms.

Supplements rich in magnesium can be easily found in pharmacies and health food stores. Take care to check the recommended dosage on the bottle and to consult your physician.Don’t take any more dosage than the doctor advices. Excess magnesium can lead to shortage of other minerals in the body creating other problems.

If you experience chronic constipation along with fibromyalgia, due to irritable bowel syndrome, then magnesium can be a godsend for you. It could relieve your muscle pain, while also enabling you to have a normal bowel movement.

2. Valerian is an herbal remedy which some people use to reduce their insomnia. Valerian can act like a natural anti-anxiety drug.  There is currently insufficient evidence to definitely prove that valerian is definitely helpful for fibromyalgia patients.

However, you can safely use it for 4 to 6 weeks and see if it gives you any relief.Side effects of this herb may include stomachaches and dizziness so try to take it only when you won’t be driving a car or operating any machinery later. Valerian is available in health food stores and in pharmacies.

3. Echinacea can help you if  you suffer from pain or fatigue. People with fibromyalgia usually use this herb to increase their energy levels. Sometimes Echinacea can cause some stomach ache as a side effect.A study conducted by mayo clinic in 2005 amongst people aged 18 to 24 suffering from fibromyalgia found that Echinacea helped 29% to reduce their fatigue symptoms. Make sure you don’t take this drug just before few hours of going to sleep as it may keep you awake.

4. Green Tea has helped a lot of fibromyalgia patients to increase their energy level and decrease pain and fatigue. In a study conducted in 2005, green tea was found to be the most frequently used herb among more than 20% of the patients. However, don’t overuse green tea as that could cause insomnia and increased blood pressure or anxiety. Green tea can reduce the effect of drugs which prevent clotting like Warfarin.

Heal Fibromyalgia Symptoms with Tai Chi

The gentle movements involved in the ancient Chinese exercise of Tai Chi are usually very easy to master. These exercises can help people who have been suffering from pain problems related to fibromyalgia for a long time.

These exercises are simple and easy to perform and help people with muscle problems that cannot perform more strenuous exercises. These exercises also give comfort and relaxation as they have a meditative effect.

Tai Chi exercises don’t put much stress on the body so there is very little risk for the person performing them. They are usually recommended to be performed by the sick and elderly. This should give you an idea of how simple they must be. Tai Chi exercises can significantly relieve your pain and fatigue. Practicing Tai CHi regularly can be a great step towards learning how to cure fibromyalgia naturally .

TMS can be a treatment for fibromyalgia

Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an experimental process which currently available only in major medical research centers. It hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet. However, preliminary research indicates that TMS could help people suffering from fibromyalgia.

In this process, strong magnets are used to stimulate the brain’s cortex thus stimulating mood related nerve cells. This can improve the mood of the person and decrease chronic pain. The procedure is conducted in 30 minute sessions.

Low frequency TMS used repetitively has been observed to be effective in decreasing fibromyalgia related pain symptoms in few women.

People with chronic migraines, pacemakers or those who have suffered head injuries should avoid this procedure.

Cure Fibromyalgia Pain with TENS

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a

therapy designed to provide mild electrical impulses to regions of the body that are in pain or spasm.

This stimulates the nerves to release natural pain-fighting chemicals called endorphins. Extensive study has not yet been performed with TENS, but many people with fibromyalgia have reported that they gained relief from this procedure.

This is a non invasive procedure and hence can be tried by anyone. The electrical pulses you will experience during the procedure are extremely mild and you won’t feel any pain from it.

How To Cure Fibromyalgia Naturally with Heat and Cold therapy

A lot of people with FMS consider heat therapy as the best way of relieving body pain. It is best solution when you are in a lot of pain and you need relief NOW.

Heat increases the blood flow in the paining area and helps to speed up the recovery. Heat is usually effective for people who have been suffering from pain for a long time or as they call it in medical terms, chronic pain. Cold therapy seems to work for acute pain and inflammation. Heat and massage therapy together can provide considerable relief from fibromyalgia symptoms.

You can deliver the heat by simply taking a hot shower or bath or lie down on a heating pad (keeping the temperature control setting at low or medium).

You can experiment with dry heat (from a heating pad or dry hot towel) and wet heat (from a moist towel or steam heat) and find out which works best for you. Do not overheat the paining area, a little burning sensation is fine, but stop when it starts to hurt.

Cold therapy or cryotherapy weakens the nerve endings in the area which is painful and reduces the blood flow to this region, thus reducing the inflammation and pain.

You can use a plastic bag filled with ice cubes or frozen gel packs to apply cold to the affected area. Keep a towel on your skin before applying the cold to prevent damage to the skin and do not apply for more than 30mins to avoid getting frostbite. Some people with FMS symptoms are sensitive to cold and find it painful. If you find using cold packs too discomforting then heat may be a better option for you.

Can Homeopathy help Fibromyalgia Patients?

Homeopathy is a branch of medicine which holds the belief that small amounts of some herbs can

produce a healing effect in the body. Homeopathy uses a variety of herbal mixtures for treating chronic medical conditions. Fibromyalgia patients who received homeopathic remedies have been known to experience considerable relief from their pain, a decrease in the number of tender points and also an improvement in their quality of life and overall health.

Should you consider using homeopathy for treating fibromyalgia? It may be better to exhaust all other modes of treatment before you try homeopathy. You should always start with mainstream treatments with medications, massage, acupuncture, then herbal remedies and then finally try homeopathy.

Check with your state health department and get a list of the licensed homeopathy practitioners in your area.

Relieve the Stress of Fibromyalgia with Biofeedback Therapy

Medical research has shown that people with fibromyalgia are much more likely to suffer from stress than others and this increased tendency to become stressed worsens their fibromyalgia symptoms and pain.

When people become stressed, their blood pressure rises and skin temperature change. If they remain angry or stressed for a long time it can increase the fibromyalgia symptoms of fatigue, pain and insomnia.

Biofeedback therapy allows you to control the changes in your body, like reducing your blood pressure and lowering your skin temperature thereby bringing down your stress level.

During this therapy devices are attached to the person’s body to measure their skin temperature and pulse. The machine gives them a visual aid monitoring their stress level in the form of a line graph. This allows them to notice as their stress level increases.

They can then use deep breathing exercises and calming techniques to bring down their stress level and notice as the line on the monitor drops.

This can teach a person how to regulate their stress level and prevent it from worsening enough to increase their symptoms and pain.

Fibromyalgia is curable. Thousands of fibromyalgia patients have found relief from their pain symptoms and went back to living normal lives. Click here to discover the best way to cure fibromyalgia naturally

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