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How to Cure Flu – 14 Tips

Natural Flu Remedies

When you’ve been struck by the flu, you don’t have to instantaneously barge into an emergency room and demand for immediate medical attention. It’s just the flu, for Pete’s sake. You can actually do something about it without going out of your house. Medical advice is recommended if the flu persists. So, not unless, you have left your flu unresolved and it’s already taking its toll on you for more than a week, you it is not necessary to go to a doctor and ask for comfort.

Enumerated below are the most cost-effective and natural ways that can ease your flu symptoms and discomfort. Please be advised that these natural home flu remedies will only work if you follow the proper instructions. Drugs are totally unnecessary.

First home remedy is to drink as much water as you can. Flu is equivalent to dehydration. Much fluid leaves the body especially in situations wherein diarrhea and vomiting is involved. Water is the best way to battle out flu. Not only does it replace the fluid that was lost but also cleanses your body of toxic materials. More than eight glasses of water is the advisable dose. Apart from pure, clean water, citrus juices that are rich in vitamin C and green tea are also perfect for the flu.

Word of advice, stay away from caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda. Alcohol should also be avoided because it causes further dehydration.

Second, ask mommy to cook you some yummy chicken soup. Yes, chicken soup is a comfort food, good for the soul and also a great flu solution. There are reports stating that chicken soup is beneficial in relieving flu symptoms especially one that is basically concerned with infection of the upper respiratory system. Professor Reid Blackwelder of the East Tennessee State University indicated that a loving bowl of hot chicken soup makes you feel better due to its vapor that soothes the sore body and the rest of the effects are clearly emotional.

Lastly, the remedy considered to be one of the best and most cost-efficient flu remedy is to have a complete bed rest. Get long hours of sleep. Do not tolerate any form of work for the entire day. As much as possible, do not entertain any form of distraction from getting better. Stress is one of the main reasons why flu happens. Long-term exposure to long hours of work, a debilitating environment, traffic and all those forms of stressors can seriously bring down the immune system which can then result to flu.

Sleep is the body’s way of repair. By allowing yourself to stay in bed all day, you provide time for your cells to regenerate. Your immune system becomes stronger

and your body becomes able again.

Flu is an illness that strikes everyone which is why it is advisable that, in its early stages, the three above mentioned ways should be done first before any form of medication takes place.

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How To Cure Flu Using Home Remedies

  • Drink a lot of hot fluids (teas, soups, etc.) to keep you hydrated, warm and to dilute toxins. This also helps your immune system to fight and prevent the influenza virus, drinking herbal tea should help to relieve a sore throat .
    Drink lots of juices (orange juices, multivitamin juices, etc.) vitamins in juices will help your immune system, therefore cure the illness faster.
    Drinking plenty of water, at least eight cups or 64 ounces of water a day, does not only prevent dehydration but also helps prevent the buildup of thick mucus by liquefying it, thereby making it easier to expel. The best liquids for the flu are hot, clear liquids. Sipping hot chicken soup still remains an effective flu remedy. Avoid beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol as these contribute to dehydration.
    Stay warm. Sweating helps to get rid of toxins and to recover your body faster.
    Keep your feet warm (put on some pleasant socks) warm feet helps blood circulation. Take the heat -   Apply moist, warm (not hot) compresses to your sinuses and cheeks to ease your headache and make it easier for you to breathe through your nose.
    Have a balanced diet. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, this is one of the most important actions you can take to boost your immune system.
    Eat or chew few pieces of raw garlic, It helps your blocked nose and sore throat. Some experts say that garlic is also very good for boosting your immune system, therefore helping to cure and prevent the flu.
    Rest. Your body uses a lot of energy to fight the virus, being tired will delay the healing process.