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I was extremely skeptical about this place when we stopped in, but the cleanliness and overall friendliness of the therapist put my mind at ease.

It was a Saturday evening and were were essentially just bored and looking for something out of the ordinary to do. We were driving around and thought, "Sure, why not"

We were immediately brought back to a little curtained off room. We were instructed to sit down, remove our shoes and socks, and roll up our pants. The two ladies when to the back and brought with them two big basins filled with insanely hot water. The water was just impossibly hot. My friend had to wait to put his feet in because he couldn't handle it. I figured that my

feet were already in so taking them out would only make it worse. While your feet soak, they start at the top and rub your head, face, neck and throat. The face massage was really good for my sinus congestion and I felt like i could breath better when I left. Essentially work their way down, massaging until they spend the rest of the hour on your feet and legs.

My friend fell asleep during the course of this and I could hear him snoring on the table next to me. I was trying really hard not to laugh at that.

It was a nice experience and definitely not something we do every single weekend.

Overall, it is well worth the $30 price tag.

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