Free distance healing

free distance healing

Free Introductory

We know how much faith and trust it takes to do healing work in the best of circumstances. If one does it "sight unseen" - removed from being in the healers actual physical presence - for most people that's quite an obstacle. To compensate for this, I am offering you one totally free "Mini" (15 minute) "Remote" (long distance) Spiritual Energetic Healing Session.

Instructions for Receiving the Healing

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, write (in an email) what day and 15 minute time period you are available. Sessions are always scheduled to occur within -YOUR- time zone. Though Spirit already knows, for my records, please indicate your first and last name, where in the world you live, and what you are seeking healing for. Allow me a few days to email you back to schedule and confirm your session.

At the appointed day and time of the session, Spirit will transmit the energy work to you through the invisible ethers that permeate all space and time. Since the healing is experienced internally, there is nothing outwardly needed to be done or said for the work to occur.

The healing happens remotely via a non verbal energetic transmission that works with but side steps the limited ego mind and all its traps and pitfalls.

This means that during the session, you do not need to be online or on the phone with me. All you need do is sit or lay down, close your eyes, be present, be aware and experience. That's it. Again, during the session you Do Absolutely Nothing - you don't need to do any breathing exercises, chant, pray, listen to music, light candles. none of that. You simply let go and allow Spirit to do the work. If in doubt, just follow your intuition.

After the session, please write back and tell me what you experienced.

While the session is occurring, many people want to engage the energy and do some technique or practice. The more you try to influence or control any part of your healing in even the slightest way, the less you allow Spirit to do its work. Remember, all you need do is "Let go and Let God". You don't need to figure out what's being done, how it's being done or why it's being done - you simply trust and surrender to the process as it is unfolding. If you try to figure things out or do anything you will jump out of your center and go into your head. If that happens, don't be hard on yourself - at certain stages of the healing, especially when the energy is processing stuff out of your mental and emotional body, your mind will wander all over the place and you will think all kinds of thoughts and feel all kinds of emotions. That's ok - in time and with more healings, this stuff will release and and you will be able to go deeper into your True Self.


There are no complicated techniques or tricks you need to learn or practice here in order to receive this healing work, thus you cannot make a mistake or do it wrong. In a healing session, Spirit activates the necessary adjustments and changes in your consciousness and energy field and you simply process and integrate it (which pretty much happens automatically). That's why this method of healing is so easy - it's essentially all about allowing and receiving the Spirit of Grace - the Higher Power - to come into your life.

However, that some clients "apparently" receive more "Grace" in (and out of) a session and others less, is greatly determined by how open, surrendered to and aligned they are to the Divine Will and Master Plan for their life. The limiting factor here seems to be ones (fear based) small minded ego. As long as it is in control - resistant to change and attached to limitation (i.e. stuff) the more you will remain stuck and blocked. This is the nature of the human condition - to be trapped in limitation. but this is why this healing work has been developed - to liberate you from these resistances and break free of your fears.

Speaking of, Spirit can remove all your resistances and limitations in an instant, but if this was forced upon you against your free will before you were fully and completely ready, you would not only recreate the original disorder and revert back to how you were, but you may be traumatized in the process (which kind of defeats the purpose of what we are trying to do in the first place). So to ensure your safety, we only do as much healing work as you allow and empower us to do at each step along the way. Paying for sessions is not only an effective way to help you control the intensity and speed you wish to go through this process, but it also demonstrates to us (and to yourself) how willing you are to surrender the control your small self has over your life and "let go and let God" take over. which in essence, is the embracing of Your Own Divinity.

This healing work is not to build up the ego mind but to diminish it so that the Divine Mind - that "still small voice within" - may come to the fore.

This healing work is not an academic abstraction, not a psychic reading, nor something that you can

get from a book or a class. This is Divine Grace - pure, simple, mysterious, unfathomable, beyond the mind to comprehend. It is to be taken on faith, trust, and the truth of subjective experience.

This free "Mini" Session is a taste of the healing energy and consciousness available here through this source - simply a "taste", not the whole meal. If you want to receive the full benefits of all that we offer, you will have to receive many hours of the healing work (like eating, one meal may fill you up for a while, but in time you will get hungry and need to eat again). Healing is an ongoing process, a lifelong journey - there is not one final destination that can be reached in a single trip, and no one meal can fill us up for the rest of our lives (but each healing will surely help move us along on our journey).

To be clear, this "Mini" Session" is NOT going to heal you of all your woes and ills - such an expectation is totally unrealistic. In order to receive the full magnitude of any or all of Spirits' blessings (Grace ), we must prepare ourselves by going through an involved purification process - how long and how intense this process will be, depends on how many lifetimes of accumulated baggage (stuff ) and negative energies (karma ) we hold in our personal space. However, the most difficult problem in receiving any healing has to do with the ego-mind and its "Un-Willing-ness" or "Resistance " to CHANGE. Depending upon how deeply rooted and in control your ego-mind (and its resistances) has on your life, will also determine how easy or difficult, short of long your healing process will be. Considering that most peoples' ego-minds have built up resistances that span the course of lifetimes. to unravel and dismantle such influences may take a course of healings lasting months or even years.

Spirit is unlimited and all powerful, but in total respect of your Free Will. we can only do with you what you have allowed or "empowered " us to do. If (on some level) you are not really wanting to be healed, we cannot compel you to heal. We and all the other Great Spirits of the Spiritual Hierarchy could of course force the healing energies upon you, but that would be dis-respectful and dis-honoring of your Soul. Besides, for you to fully receive and integrate any energies we would send you, your will and desire must be opened and aligned to it.

Rarely am I guided not to work with someone. It happens, but more often than not, Spirit indicates that I cannot offer a particular person the free introductory session. If this comes up in your consult, chances are that you are well beyond the beginners "testing" stage on your path and are now being called to jump directly into the main body of healing work (practicing "trust" and "faith"). In any case, I will let you know where you stand in this regard.

On the highest levels we are all connected to the Divine, and on the lower levels we have an ego mind that is motivated by its resistances and fears. Such internal conflict is why no one is able to fully and completely heal all by themselves. In life, we play with the dichotomies of love and fear, light and dark. In order to have a healing experience (to make peace with these two extremes), Spirit provides us with intermediaries or "spiritual agents" who negotiate a working arrangement or "contract" between our human and divine parts. between your fears and your loves. This is my role - to lead you to that place where you will eventually open the door of your heart and bring in the light of your soul, allowing Spirit to completely work in your life.

We will never force you to do anything your Soul is not wanting to do. Rather, we honor and respect the Life Path and Divine Agenda your own Higher Self has set out for you. We are simply here to work together with you - to help support and nurture your own intention to be more whole heartedly engaged in and committed to your healing process. This is called healing by "MUTUAL AGREEMENT ". And within the context of the more advanced healing work I offer, such an "arrangement" between your spirit and mine is contractually formalized as soon as I receive your payment for sessions.

If on the (slim) chance you do not sense anything happening during your healing sessions, it may be due to you being so shut off or resistant to the work. This is common and quite understandable (esp when you first start the healings). But if you are sincere about working through your resistances, I am sure we can get through them in subsequent sessions. It is simply a matter of continuing to receive the healing work until there is a break through and your resistances fall away. Many people have built up resistances around them which are, quite literally, like castle fortifications. It takes a lot of work to chip away at such walls, but in time they all fall apart and the light and life can come in. Trust that Spirit knows exactly what they are doing and are orchestrating the healing in perfect order and time. All you need be concerned with is to continue allowing and empowering Spirit to do their work on you.

The introductory "Mini" Healing (a value of $25) is offered free of charge. However, donations are gratefully accepted.

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