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free online therapy

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Hello, I'm Dr. Suzanne LaCombe, a.k.a. 'Shrinklady'.

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All new clients get 3 free minutes plus 25% off for the rest of the session.

Maybe this describes you. I sure hope not. It was simple fear and embarassment that held me back from starting therapy. That was years ago.

Yeah I waited way too long because I didn't know how counseling worked. It wasn't like today with television and movies showing a bit of what goes on.

I felt shy about asking for help - course that kinda described how I was in my life just in general back then. So I had no idea what to say. Just the thought of walking into a therapist's office felt completely overwhelming.

Today, you have an advantage with online counseling. You can access an online therapist right from your own home. That's the biggest bonus.

Cause I think if you're a newbie to therapy, online counseling is the easiest way to 'learn the ropes'. It's much easier to feel at ease, and safe, when you're in the safety and comfort of your own home. Makes sense eh.

Because you choose when and how long the sessions will be, you also have a sense of control that contributes to the safe feelings. I like that too.

That's why I promote online counseling - it removes a lot of the typical barriers that trip up many folks and keep them from starting. And that's the whole point. gettting started. If you start here it's much easier to jump to face-to-face if you so desire.

With online counseling I could have started a lot sooner and gotten down the road to feeling better a lot farther and a lot faster - and I bet I could have avoided a few of the hurdles my life has thrown in my way!

So, if any of my comments ring true to you, I wouldn't hesitate. Get help now, exactly when you need it. Don't let anything stop you from moving forward in your life. You deserve to get as much help as you need.

I like how PrestoExperts* is set up because all therapists put themselves out there to be reviewed by their clients. That's literally unheard of in traditional face to face therapy. But it goes a very long way to help you zero in on the right therapist for you. That way, you're more confident about your choice.

So check out the therapists below. They cover a lot of specialities from ADHD to relationship to anxiety, and everything in between.

Let me know how it goes - I hope to hear that your'e feeling better right away!

Safe and Secure

    1 • Choose from hundreds of counselors. 2 • Start chatting for FREE. 3 • Pay AFTER finding the right counselor.

Now, speaking to a counselor for the first time can feel. well, a little unfamiliar. However, most people are relieved to find how easy it is to get started.

Sometimes it's just a matter of taking that first step. Take a look at some of the comments from real clients:

Feedback about the Counselors

"INCREDIBLE. There for me when I needed her. I had a real

traumatic time tonight and Mary was there for me. Thanks for letting me bother you so much. i know you said no bother, but you really put up with me with a lot of junk tonight Mary. Thanks. Now I'll be able to sleep. You made me feel so much better and see things so different tonight. "    Ronnie

"Very helpful, calm, easy to talk to. I really felt the change in me in just one talk. I really appreciate it. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Thank you so much. " kpowerz

"I've put off speaking to anyone for 6 years since my problem began and Ken seems to completely understand what's going on. It's almost as if he's me and knows my problem. I will try his recommendations. Thanks. "   Starbuck

"I feel as if 1000 tons or more were lifted off my back today. I cant thank her enough after suffering for so long and living in guilt. She is smart and clear and caring. THANKS SO MUCH. "

Athena Sophia

How it Works

  1. Sign up as a Member.

    (it's free with no obligation)
  2. Choose among the counselors.
  3. Click "Contact Live "
  4. Click "Start Session " (no obligation at this point)
  5. Click "Hire Expert " (once you feel this is the counselor you want to talk to)

Online therapy is gaining in popularity. The reason is simple.

    Anonymity. When you want and where you want: 24/7. You have a record of the therapist's comments. Useful for re-reading. Many people find it easier to disclose emotionally difficult information. Email exchanges give you time to reflect on your therapist's response.

Plus, if you're brand new to counseling it's an easy place to get started!

The feedback system at PrestoExperts makes it easy to choose a therapist. That's because each therapist has follow-up comments from their previous clients and/or accumulated ratings for you to view.

After you register with PrestoExperts  you'll have the opportunity to contact different therapists. Take your time. Find someone whom you feel comfortable with, who's the right one for you.

Choose the therapist you're intuitively drawn to.

You'll have the opportunity to spend a few minutes chatting and getting to know the therapist. If you have a good connection with him or her and you decide to continue, you're only charged for the actual minutes you use (i.e. from the moment you make your decision and click the Hire button).

The amount of time you wish to spend is up to you. This is more convenient if you find that the typical one hour sessions in traditional therapy too long, or even too short!

"He asks me interesting questions that make me think about how the problem originated. It doesn't even feel like counseling. Its just like talking in a comfortable atmosphere. "   Kyrie

"Now your back mary i'm so glad! i know i will do better in college this semester since youll be there to help with my adhd. "   Kristina

"Ken provided a sounding board I needed, when I needed it. His guidance and perspective on process reminded me that there was more to my dliemma than the mere content. I feel more grounded after consulting with Ken."    Jumpingjuliana

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