"Discover The BLESSED TRUTH On How You Can Get A Reiki Master and Heal

Dear Reiki Friend,

Here are the blessings you will receive for FREE:

I will personally arrange with you a date and time for your attunement within the next 3 days.

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"I would like to say how much this course has helped me learn how to take the correct approach to Reiki. The information in the manual is simply outstanding. I have read many books about Reiki, but the content is really written for practitioners. Great! After I received your attunement I started practicing on my sister, who has headache very often, and it simply dissappeared in minutes. I could not believe it. I thought 'Wow', in such a short time. I was prepared to study and practice for a longer period, but it worked in an instant. I'm now treating my friends with all kind of problems and they are amazed. They call me now 'Dr.Janet' - yep - I am a bit thrilled but this is not the point. The point is I never, never could believe, that I can treat or 'heal' people. Tom, you was right, it is easy, and I am glad I got

this package. I only wondered how you can give out these stuff for free? I definiately encouraged all my friends to join. Blessings."

"I recently was searching for Reiki, and I had no idea how to start, since I am new to energy healing. I decided to google information about Reiki, and came across the website, www.reiki-energy-healing.com. I decided to sign up for your 9 part Reiki course and got the Reiki package together with the CD. I already received the attunement from you and started my 21 day cleansing phase. It it very amazing how great I feel now. As I mentioned I had no idea on what will happen, but I never felt better in my life. I am not sure if the cleansing period does the miracle or the self healing I follow from your manual. I will figure that out. However, I am so happy now, I guess I will continue the Reiki process and Self Healing for at least 3 month. I hope the feeling I have now will never dissappear. It feels like heaven. Great, great, great - and many thanks again."

Additionally I will give you a complete FREE 9 Part Reiki Master Success Course which will be delivered directly to your mail box.

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