Alternative treatments for cancer

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Alternative Cancer Treatment Center

Our three pillared foundation of health restoration:

The integrative and alternative cancer treatments we use to target cancer and enhance the immune system include these intravenous therapies.

  • IPT or IPTLD (Insulin Potentiated Low dose chemotherapy)
  • Sodium Selenite
  • UBI
  • Ozone  & Hydrogen Peroxide
  • GcMAF
  • B17
  • DMSO
  • Chelation
  • DCA
  • Other intravenous therapies including a multitude of antioxidants, botanicals, pharmaceuticals and nutritional products designed specifically for individual needs.
  • Other new therapies that selectively eliminate cancer or strengthen and enhance the immune system  are always under evaluation for use by our medical staff.

Having been diagnosed with cancer is like no other experience. It immediately scrambles our thoughts and dismantles our dreams and previous agendas. Our hearts and minds are lit with a burning and all encompassing fear. This occurs not because of the nature of cancer but rather is a consequence of a complete misunderstanding and lack of knowledge regarding biology, health and “disease”.

It is essential to understand that our bodies function according to biological laws and are not arbitrary or doomed.  Just as certain as a finger will heal, if cut with a knife, so can our bodies heal from cancer.  Our aim is not only to eliminate the cancer, but to change the biochemistry of your body to a state of health and well being so the cancer will no longer grow and flourish.

Key components of

our ‘Stop Making Cancer’ pillar include natural cancer treatments so the body can repair and rejuvenate replacing cancerous cells with healthy new cells:

Cleansing and Detoxification 

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Therapeutic Coffee enemas
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Massage therapy
  • EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy)

Lifestyle Changes

  • Adequate sleep, rest and relaxation
  • Regular exercise and body conditioning
  • Self-education
  • Spiritual Hygiene
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Personal and Environmental Hygiene

It is our intention to educate you regarding the biological laws that govern the functioning of your body so that you will know  with absolute certainty that not only is your body capable of healing but that it was designed to heal.   And once armed with this knowledge, it becomes clear that the fear previously experienced was born of ignorance.  It is neither a miracle nor a gift, but rather the natural consequence of living according to our biological requirements.

Here at An Oasis of Healing  an alternative cancer treatment center in Mesa, Arizona, we integrate scientifically validated, state-of-the-art medical cancer treatments with all the healing traditions that have withstood the test of time. The foundation that we use for integrating these modalities, natural and alternative cancer treatments and therapies, is a thorough and continual study with a reverence for nature. Even people with the same type of cancers, have unique requirements; therefore, everyone has a plan of care that is individualized.

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