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My husband has had chronic back issues and sciatica. After getting a diagnosis from a back specialist, we made an appointment at a different Gaspar location. The therapist originally assigned to him was not helpful - gave him a generic worksheet and had an assistant "teach" the exercises to him (the assistant had no idea how to do them, and just read the worksheet to him).

Frustrated, we cancelled the follow-up visits with that therapist, and transferred over to this office. We decided to try Dr. Rice since his online bio says he's a back specialist. What a difference. Dr. Rice assigned DIFFERENT exercises for my husband - ones specific to his particular back issue (turns out the exercises originally assigned were inappropriate). Dr. Rice demonstrated the exercises personally, made sure he understood the right (and wrong) way to do them, and checked to make sure he was doing them correctly. After following Dr. Rice's guidance, his pain is gone. My husband is extremely loyal to Dr. Rice now, but wouldn't consider going back to the original physical therapist for back problems (her bio says she's a heart specialist - maybe she's better in that area?).

After a bad experience at a different PT in Oceanside, I knew I HAD to find a GOOD PT.  I asked around and got several recommendations for Gaspar.

Up-To-Date: I was also looking for a specific treatment modality (low light laser - which is newer in technology, but VERY effective in healing).  I actually stopped by at least 20 different PTs in North County - I wanted to see them with my own eyes, get their vibe, and also ask if they offer this treatment modality.  Of the 20+, only 3 of the PT offices I went to actually have this modality in their office (and Gaspar is one - but only THIS location).

Quality: I was at PT to recover from a

severely sprained ankle.  The PT that I was assigned to listened to me VERY well, asked a LOT of questions, and REALLY knew my situation, what I wanted, and how to help me.  I was ultra-impressed with her patient care.  Her treatment plan was extremely effective, and I no longer have any problem with that ankle!  ALL of the PTs and PT techs/helpers (I'm sorry, I don't know their job names) were kind, respectful, friendly, happy, and helped each other and each others' patients.  It was a wonderful environment (I was sad to leave, once I "graduated"!).

Happy. I am extremely happy with this office's Physical Therapists, treatment plans, and treatment modalities.  The PTs and PT techs were also very flexible with my needs and desires.  I never felt like I was a burden or a slacker.  They met me where I was at, each day, and treated me well.

Poor Front Desk Service: I have to dock it a star for their front desk.  I don't know if they've changed since I "graduated" from PT, but when I was going there the front desk was aloof/cold/unfriendly.  My MAIN problem with the front desk was that they were unreachable by phone.  When I first tried to contact them, to become a patient, they didn't call back.  The 3rd time (within a week or two) that I called and left them a voicemail, I said "You've come highly recommended to me, and I *really* want to be a patient at your location, but if you can't call me back then obviously it's not going to happen." I got a returned call that same day!  Yay!  BUT every time I called in the future (to either cancel or reschedule an appointment), I always had to leave a voicemail, and I *never* received any returned phone call to acknowledge my message nor to reschedule.  (I learned to do all of my scheduling in person.)

Also Of Note: They accept walk-ins, and out-of-pocket payments!

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