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15% Off GHC Products

Get 15% off your purchase of Global Healing Center products like Oxy-Powder, Paratrex, Livatrex, Latero-Flora, Dr. Group’s Foot Detox Pads, and Cleansing Kits. Global Healing Center makes the highest quality natural and organic dietary supplements. These dietary supplements help boost your immune system and help prevent diseases. These are perfect for those looking for alternative cures that are safe and effective to use. Their bestsellers are their colon, liver, and lung cleansing kits.

Get 20% Off Allertrex

Get 20% off the retails price of Allertrex if you buy the product from the Global Healing Center website by March 7, 2013. Allertrex is a cleansing product used for cleansing the lungs, sinuses, and the respiratory tract. It is the only one that uses a Spagyrex processed blend of herbs and oils that help support normal respiratory

function. Allertrex effectively detoxifies your lungs by cleaning your lungs from allergens, toxins, and even tar from cigarette smoking. It helps prevent lung-related diseases that are caused by these toxins that get accumulated in the lungs after long-time exposures.

Buy 2 and Save $2 per Oxy-Powder Bottle

Buy 2 of Global Healing Center’s Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse (120 capsules) dietary supplement and save $2 dollars per bottle or a total savings of $12 dollars for both bottles. Not to worry, if you don’t like the product, it also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Oxy-Powder is made from all natural oxygen making it the safest colon cleansing supplement out in the market. It effectively detoxifies and cleanses your digestive tract to help prevent colon-related diseases. It also helps relive other digestive problems like bloating, gas, and constipation.


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