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Looking for an effective gout treatment this time?  Are you one of the unlucky ones that suffers from the nightmarish conditions of gout symptoms on a periodic ongoing basis?  Ok, let me guess… you’ve never experienced this before and you’re confused because it feels like you broke or sprained your big toe, but you don’t remember breaking or spraining it.  If you know this gouty arthritis condition like I do, then you know that the minute you step wrong is when you almost hit the floor in shear agony!  You also know that the sensitivity factor to something as lightweight as a bed sheet covering your foot while sleeping can be tremendously painful!  Maybe you’ve also experienced that point in time during your acute gout attack when the pain skyrockets to a level that forces you to consider hacking your foot off with a chainsaw.  The time has come for the best gout treatment ever, unlike any other herbal home remedies, supplements or supposed “gout cures” you may have tried in the past that will truly allow you to gain complete control over your horrible symptoms of gout and achieve pain relief, even while eating a diet full of foods rich in purines.  To achieve success with this is easy!  By utilizing this powerful treatment for gout. you will naturally purge the catalyst for flare ups and reduce high uric acid levels, but more importantly remove uric acid crystals that form in and around your affected joints, because they are the reason for what causes gout symptoms attacks in the first place!

Unleash the power of a phenomenal natural gout treatment now, that allows you to consume purine foods and drinks, without ever worrying about having another gout symptoms attack ever again!  Make sure you download our FREE Report

Let me share an interesting personal experience of mine with you .

So, I decided to put the natural gout treatment that I use to the test recently.  I know that it works well because I haven’t had a gout symptoms recurrence ever since I started taking it a few years ago.

But, there was something nagging me that kept me worried that I might eat and drink too much of the wrong things and have to go through another attack at any moment, kind of like walking on pins and needles in a way.

I just needed to know what my limit was for eating all the purine foods that contribute to gout symptoms in the first place and how far I could push it before coming down with another full blown flare without the aid of the natural gout treatment, for peace of minds sake.

I’d also never documented the time frame in which it takes for a full on gout flare to rear it’s ugly head for me, and what it takes to bring it on now after having proper kidney function in the ways of being able to lower uric acid levels courtesy of this natural gout treatment I’m talking about.

So I tested it and the results were pretty stunning in my opinion .

Although I knew that the gout treatment worked well at preventing the symptoms of my podagra from flaring up, I just didn’t really know how well it was working to give my kidneys the boost they needed to remove uric acid crystals from my body to keep the gout from reoccurring.

Even before I started a true maintenance regimen a while after my first ever full blown acute gout attack, I would sometimes slack and not take the gout treatment as recommended for maintenance and the symptoms would come and go.

When that would happen, I would just remember to take it again and it would quickly take care of the minor gout symptoms of sharp pain jolts and minor tenderness through the joints of my metatarsal and middle phalanges. I’d seen my doctor for check-ups while on the natural gout treatment and my lab work came back on point every time!

The report on my liver always came back surprisingly well, functioning flawlessly as an unforeseen benefit!   I mention this because there was a point in time before making the natural gout treatment a regular part of my life where my liver was producing abnormal amounts of enzymes due to a fatty gout diet.

It was time to test without the treatment. 

I began bombarding my system without the aid of the natural gout treatment.  Just about everything you could imagine that would contribute to a vicious gout flare was on the menu in terms of eats.

About the purine foods that cause gout, red meat like beef and any other type of animal protein such as pork and poultry like chicken, although moderately high in purines are what I was on a mission to consume.  While I was at it, I figured I’d do plenty of shellfish like shrimp, and specific types of fish like tuna and salmon.

I would have did lobster and scallops, but they’re rather expensive.  Oysters and clams seem to be too rich and always upset my stomach.  Other types of fish like herring, anchovies, and sardines could’ve been a factor, but I don’t like the way they taste.

The things that did come into play mostly were all kinds of junk fatty fried fast foods, sugar drinks that derived from a high fructose corn-syrup base such as orange juice, sodas, and other types of concentrated syrup beverages, candies, cakes, beer and alcohol drinks, certain types of vegetables like cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms, and even legumes or beans.

Dairy products, coffee, vitamin c, and cherries and cherry juice are known to help prevent gout. but I don’t like coffee and I wasn’t trying to get rid of gout at the moment!

I did this for 2-3 weeks before I began to feel more lazy and run down.  I realized then that if I continued to eat so fatty this way, and with high cholesterol that I would wind up like that guy in that movie about McDonald’s “Super Size Me” lol!  I put on about 5 to 10 pounds or so easy by doing this.  If I wouldn’t have been exercising then I would have probably put on more.

I knew what the prognosis was, but this effort had produced no ill results on the gout symptoms tip for me thus far.  It was then that I concluded that this gout treatment formula that I take was doing me pretty good justice in my prevention if I was consuming a gout diet that rich in purine foods.  I didn’t drink as much water this time like I would normally, seeing as that the gout treatment calls for it.

I was honestly worried about developing kidney stones again because I was going to be consuming such high amounts of rich purine food sources and not having enough water to flush my system out is a no-no for kidney stones, as well gout.  I’ve heard about acute uric acid or urate nephropathy and acute renal failure … glad I’ve never had to go through that!

Even though purines are not what cause the formation of kidney stones, it is known that high uric acid levels in blood plasma can help with that.  Actually it was the protein rich foods that had me worried about the potential for kidney stones.

So, here I am going at it with the purine foods to try to provoke a gout symptoms attack, not in a gluttonous fashion like if I were at a constant buffet or anything, just that I otherwise wouldn’t normally be eating this way.  In essence I was pushing it real hard!

4 weeks into it and I’m beginning to feel more sluggish and fatigued .  Exercising is becoming harder for me to want to do.  I’m feeling shortness of breath and light anxiety.  I don’t think it was from the purine foods I was eating, but more so worrying about what I might be doing to my body, getting out of shape on the path to obesity and insulin resistance.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that it was the stress in my life too that was causing me to feel this way, which contributes to gout symptoms by the way.  Felt strange.  I was going through a time in my life where my business had died down substantially and I was in the process of losing my home.  Those two made for fatigue and some rather sleepless nights.  I had gained a lot of weight and was very frustrated with what life was dealing me at that moment in time.  I’m sure there are other things in life much worse than this, but hypertension. nervousness,   high blood pressure. and  anxiety from the stresses of worrying are some heavy hitters in my opinion.

For the first time ever, I felt tremendous sensitivity in my teeth. bottom teeth to be exact! The strange part is that in the beginning, it would only happen when I would brush my teeth. The bottom teeth on both sides, mostly just the back row portion would experience a painful tooth freeze for a few seconds.

These are the same teeth I normally use when eating ice cream so I know it wasn’t an issue of thinning enamel, because the tooth freezing disappeared once I got my gout symptoms back under control again with the natural gout treatment. But, during this phase of testing, the sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks became progressively worse.

Could it have been the Hyperuricemia or  high uric acid levels in my system from the high amounts of purines that were making for sensitive teeth?  Hmm, weird huh?

I will say this though, I also felt minor flu like symptoms at times and experienced night sweats once or twice. Maybe it was night time gout fever.  I don’t know if those were all side effects of the gout diet, but I worried about those because they would come and go and I would never end up getting sick full blown like I would with the flu.

I was thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong that I needed to tone down a bit just in case I was unknowingly setting the tempo for something more serious like a heart attack or something. I tend to be very aware of my health and always try to take care of myself as much as possible.

I’m thinking this had more to do with the stress in my life, or could’ve been a combination of both the toxicity I was subjecting myself to with the gout diet as well as the stress.

It had been 3 months so far without the gout treatment and by the end of the 3 rd month was when the first signs that I was developing gout symptoms began to show.  I began to feel slight pain jolts through my big toe joint, on a minor basis.  I could still walk comfortably though.

Just to remind everyone, I’ve never really known how long or what it takes to bring on a gout attack for me.  But, I was like “uh oh here we go again!”  I started to feel more “pressure like symptoms” coming from my lower back in memory of the kidney stones I had once passed.

This was probably another thing that was adding to my anxiety, let alone how many enzymes my liver might have been producing now as a result of my fatty diet for the time being.  Who knows how high my triglycerides were and at what level my cholesterol was!

2 or 3 more weeks had passed and I was now beginning to feel more jolting. piercing pain in other parts of my body like wrist and fingers, on a minor basis of course, along with the usual suspect of my toe joint and now, some of the other metatarsals of my right foot.

Now came the wavering stage of gout symptoms over the next few weeks where the pain would show up and then disappear.  Each time the

gout symptoms would come around, the pain would become progressively worse, as the attack built and my body was mounting what’s known as an immune response.

That’s why gout symptoms can be so painful because of your body trying to dissolve and remove uric acid crystals from the affected area(s) that are giving you the trouble as they cut like a million little razor blades mincing through your metatarsal-phalangeal joint.   Made me want to get back on the gout treatment, but I kept pressing the research instead!

During this time, there were periods where my foot felt burning   hot alongside the inner portion close to the arch, as well as in and around the big toe joint itself along with tightness, joint stiffness, and some redness.  I began to notice more of a pronounced visible “bunion effect” where the uric acid crystals had formed.

At this point, I am still able to wear shoes and socks, walk around normally with the full pressure of my bodyweight on my foot, and am able to have all my sheets and blankets on my foot at night while sleeping.  So, I continue to wait for gout symptoms to become a reality but surprisingly, they don’t seem to want to show up like I thought they would.

I’m excited to be finding that I can go this long and this hard with the diet being the way it is right now, but I am concerned however because I don’t know what else might happen to me if I continue on with such a fatty, cholesterol packed, gout diet rich in purine foods.  Heart attack no good, kidney stones no good…

I’m now around 7 months into it and still not a peep from these expected gout symptoms!  Not knowing how much longer it will be before acute inflammatory arthritis flares up in my big toe joint, I decided to scale down the diet simply because I’ve gone way too long trying to force it and could wind up with some serious problems in other ways if I keep going.  I honestly thought about restarting the gout treatment again.

Guess what …a few days later after I had begun to scale back, it comes down on me like a ton of bricks!

I don’t remember being in so much unbelievable pain before with a gout attack!  It seemed like my entire foot was throbbing with pain and I am now literally having to walk on the outer portion of it so as to not come barreling down on the floor in agony!

I’m officially feeling the effects of my Podagra.  I can’t even bend my big toe!  Range of motion is simply not there and it is stiff and rigid, let alone being massively inflamed and  red hot.  I was hoping for some relief soon from my aching, throbbing tenderness!

I started taking the natural gout treatment as prescribed and I kid you not – the painful and inflamed gout symptoms were gone inside of like 5 or 6 days!  I do have to say that during this period of recovery, the pain became agonizingly worse before it started to get better.

I remember at a point in time the pain got so excruciatingly bad for like a period of 30 or 40 minutes, that I wanted to just cut my damn foot off with a saw blade or something lol.  Dang, what an ordeal!

But, that was only because the sharp built up uric acid crystals that had accumulated in the big toe joint were being dissolved and excreted from my body, according to some information I stumbled onto while doing some research later on down the road.

Anyway, I was able to go through the pain motions and finally get relief from my flare and regain control of my gout symptoms once again.

Well, at least I have an idea of what my limit is now and how far I can go out before experiencing a horrific attack, if for some reason they were to stop producing this wonderful natural gout treatment!

And as far as eating a fatty, dangerous diet, I figured it was this gout treatment formula that has been helping to keep my liver functioning optimally and in a healthy condition due to the ingredients it’s comprised of, seeing as that I couldn’t quite seem to bring on a gout symptoms attack while utilizing it!

In conclusion. I was really surprised that it took as long as it did for a gout attack to rear its ugly head again.  I know people that have suffered with gout symptoms for a long time in their lives and they used to go through frequent gout flare ups before turning them on to the natural gout treatment.

And that’s when it hit me!   The reason why it took me so long is because the natural gout treatment had wiped out the uric acid crystals from my body and affected joints in their entirety .  I had to literally wait for them to re-form and accumulate around my big toe joint again before I could experience the gout symptoms attack I was looking for.

This gout treatment calls for you to drink a lot of water. A lot of water! At the time I didn’t know why but it is so that it can flush the uric acid from your body because remember, it’s doing what prescription meds and Nsaid’s don’t do and that is dissolving the uric acid crystals.

So, that means that even when consuming a gouty diet on a regular basis while utilizing the natural gout treatment for routine maintenance, a flare up wasn’t able to manifest because of how awesome this gout treatment is at dissolving uric acid crystals and helping your kidneys excrete them from your body!  Wow!!

- I haven’t had a gout attack since with the effective natural gout treatment I’m recommending to you. -

 Say goodbye to harmful gout medicines forever.

You see, doctor prescribed gout medications such as Colchicine & Allopurinol don’t go after the root cause of an acute gout symptoms attack in your joints, and that is the uric acid crystals.  They might lower uric acid levels in your body or suppress its production, but at what cost.  They tend to pose a harmful threat to the health of your kidneys and liver!

The same goes for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like Aleve if you’ve ever used those during a gout flare.  They’re just pain relieving and inflammation reducing supplements, reducing the pain from the actual immune response that your body mounts!

All the while, the sharp needle like monosodium urate crystals are still there cutting away at the cartilage in your affected joints and that’s what leads to long term damage. of which the consequences will be irreversible later on down the road.

The gout treatment we recommend is the only herbal formula that works hard to metabolize and remove uric acid crystals, essentially paving the way for a gout symptoms free lifestyle. Just because you aren’t regularly feeling the pain and agony of a gout attack doesn’t mean the uric acid crystals aren’t doing you any injustice!

After my ordeal was all over. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and we got to talking about my recent gout treatment experience. He told me I should’ve taken Aleve for it. I said, “is that right? Why do you say that?”

He said, “because they say it’s the best cure for gout.”  He said that he’d known some other people from work who would suffer from attacks and that’s the gout treatment they would use when they’d get them. He said they would tell him that it would take the pain and swelling away.

That’s when I asked him, “do they still get attacks?” He says “I think so.” I asked him, “do they still get them often?” That’s when he laughed a little bit and said “yeah!”

The reason why I stress to you that this is such a phenomenal gout treatment is because of the exceptional job it does in dissolving and excreting the uric acid that tends to crystallize all throughout your affected joints, something that ineffective gout remedies such as prescription medications and NSAID’s like Allopurinol. Colchicine. & Aleve don’t do.  And, if they do they don’t remove much!  That’s why you have to contend with recurring bouts of the gout.

Sometimes, the crystals of monosodium urate accumulate too much and form what’s known as Tophus or Tophi. This usually happens in people who have had high levels of uric acid for long periods.  But, don’t get it confused with pseudogout and rheumatoid arthritis as they tend to look similar.

Come to find out, Aleve can be harmful to you too!  So, if you’re experiencing gout flare ups ongoing, it’s because you aren’t using the right stuff to remove uric acid crystals enough, which happen to be the culprit behind gout symptoms and attacks better known as urate.

This gout treatment being natural and not being associated with any harmful, dangerous side effects that prescription meds and over the counter drugs give you is fantastic!   Also, the wonderful stuff it does for your liver . I seem to have an optimally functioning liver because of this herbal gout treatment, a bonus side effect for sure! Maybe it’s the herbs like Turmeric or maybe it’s the Milk Thistle in the formula who knows?  Not too long ago, my liver was producing abnormal amounts of enzymes that could’ve led to cirrhosis if I wouldn’t have caught it in enough time. My doctor said it was potentially due to a fatty diet. I’m happy to say that since I’ve been taking this natural gout treatment, I’ve been able to eat and drink all the things that would’ve previously caused me painful attacks, while still controlling and managing my gout symptoms!  Not bad for a natural remedy!

Think about this for a second;  Once you’ve gotten your gout under control using our recommended gout treatment, returning to your old dietary habits shouldn’t be a factor for gout flares anymore.

However, if you do elect to continue on with your normal gout diet  rich in purine foods,  we recommend you take a common sense approach with your decision and don’t go overboard seeing as how purine foods usually tend to have a lot of fat, cholesterol, and concentrated sugars in them that can cause your body harm in other ways outside of gout.

The decision will be entirely yours, of course.  If you were to return to your old dietary habits after bringing your gout symptoms under control, you would definitely have an amazing gout treatment for routine maintenance in your corner to knock your gout out that’s for sure!

Gout Treatment Experience – 3 Parts – Start To Finish

Always remember that the natural gout remedy works in stealth mode giving your kidneys the uric acid crystal dissolving advantage they need in order to continually wipe out the potential for recurring painful gout symptoms completely, without dangerous harmful side effects .

This is the way they should be working naturally, but somewhere along the way in our lives we are subjected to what our genetics make us prone to and in this case, our bodies reach a point where they cannot properly metabolize uric acid anymore like they once did before we started having to contend with gout.

Our kidneys simply don’t have the ability to crush our gout symptoms by dissolving and excreting the very urates from the uric acid that accumulate in our joints and body tissue, all because of the purine foods we consume. That’s why this natural gout treatment I highly recommend is such a beautiful thing!

(*Remember to get a copy of my  FREE report!  It makes so much better sense if you’re armed with the knowledge of my personal step-by-step notes in order to avoid any potential confusion  or  skepticism going into this.  Get the report!  It’s FREE!! )

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