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What Is The Best Gum Infection Treatment?

While there are home remedies which can work for some types of infection, the best gum infection treatment of all is to see the dentist. The most common type of gum infection is gingivitis. Gingivitis is a swelling and redness of the gingival, or gums. In some cases the entire gum area is involved, but most often the infection is concentrated around either a single tooth or a few teeth. The most common symptom is the appearance of blood when brushing the teeth.

Basic Treatment - There are a number of potential causes of gingivitis, ranging from a tiny injury caused perhaps by a sharp piece of food, to a reaction to a certain medication. Gingivitis can even result from stress, and is a somewhat common disease among college students and individuals in high stress jobs. Gingivitis due to stress is commonly referred to as Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis. The usual gum infection treatment in this instance is the drug Tetracycline, which is a fairly powerful antibiotic and will attack any bacteria present in the gum area. Additional treatment will more often than not consist of an aggressive program of soothing the damaged tissue and cleaning the teeth and gums. Salt water and hydrogen peroxide applied regularly to the gums will usually accomplish this.

Planing And Scaling - In some cases the combination of tetracycline, saltwater, and hydrogen peroxide may be all the gum infection treatment that is needed, although a regular program of teeth cleaning should be followed to avoid a repetition. In some cases though, root planing and scaling is needed to prevent a recurrence of the infection and irritation. Very often, foreign material lying under the gums is the cause of the infection and this material must be removed. Removing this material is called scaling. The next step which may be necessary, depending upon the seriousness of the gingivitis, would be root planing. Here the roots of one or more teeth are

planed smooth to allow the gum tissue, previously damaged, to regenerate and grow back in a healthy manner and without irritation.

While planing and scaling is a very effective gum infection treatment, it is not necessarily a permanent cure. Many patients will once again get foreign material under their gums, and in some cases may have to have the procedure repeated, perhaps every few years.

There are other antibiotics besides Tetracycline which can be used as a gum infection treatment. While tetracycline is very effective, it does have the drawback of sometimes causing teeth to take on a yellowish hue. This most often occurs in adults, and Doxycycline or Chlorhexidine are often used as substitutes

Don't Rely On A Home remedy - A home remedy as a gum infection treatment is generally not recommended unless the problem is a very mild type of gingivitis. Even then, a home remedy, which can be as simple as frequently rinsing the mouth with salt water, should only be considered a temporary treatment, as the underlying cause of the gum infection may not go away and will likely require the attention of a dentist. Allowed to go too long without treatment could result in a visit to an oral surgeon, especially if the roots of a tooth or the jawbone should become infected or damaged.

Gum Balls - There are other gum infections besides gingivitis if course, one in particular being a boil or abscess on the gum, usually called a gum ball. A gum ball will usually need to be treated surgically, which simply means an incision must be made and the pus drained. This only should be done by a dentist or oral surgeon. Attempting to open the infected area at home would be quite risky, as the infection could easily become much worse or spread.

In summary, the very best practice is to bring any kind of gum infection experienced, even if it is mild, to the attention of your dentist.

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