Gynecomastia Treatment Guide

Gynecomastia Treatment – The Best Options To Get Rid Of Gyno

Say Goodbye to Your Man Boobs Safely and Quickly

Ten years ago, I already knew that guys shouldn’t have boobs. Guy have chests, girls have boobs. So you can’t imagine my shock when I found out I had boobs. Man boobs.

This is how I met that common, albeit embarrassing medical condition called male gynecomastia, the growth of breast tissue in men. While my doctor assured me this was not going to kill me, he did inform me that this may be the result of an abnormality associated with diseases like Klinefelter syndrome, a decrease in the production of testosterone in older men, a medication side effect, or metabolic disorders.

Male Gynecomastia is mostly treated as a superficial condition that does not have any real bearing on a person’s health. Granted, enlarged male breasts hardly qualifies as a life threatening disease, but it still has a number of physical as well as psychological effects that have be addressed. As with most other conditions, there are a number of choices in terms of gynecomastia treatment depending on the severity of the problem as well as the preference of the person.

Gynecomastia treatment without surgery is mostly preferred by men who suffer from this condition since it does not involve any cutting and all the risks that come with such invasive procedure. Below are some of the best treatments available for gynecomastia, all of which are non-invasive and by far a lot safer than any surgical procedure.

Available Treatments for Gynecomastia

1. Getting Rid of Gynecomastia Through Proper Exercises

Just as there are specific exercises for building muscles in the chest and arms, there are also workouts that are specifically designed to facilitate losing man boobs. If you are looking into the prospect of joining a gym, you might as well consult with a professional trainer and ask for specific exercises that will help get rid of your enlarged breasts .

Mild cases are treated with gynecomastia exercises mainly to tighten the muscles in the chest such as:

  • Interval training: alternating a series of short but intense exercises with those that are less intense and take longer to perform sheds off fat in the upper chest.
  • Push-ups: these work to not only tighten the chest’s upper muscles but also help reduce their size.
  • Incline press with dumbbells: the chest fat can become “lifted” and less saggy when doing an incline press using dumbbells to make it appear elevated.
  • Seated row: this helps eliminate man boobs by working the pectoral muscles into firmness.

2. Dietary Plans

Since breasts are made mostly of lipids, it will definitely do you a lot of good to cut back on fat consumption. If you are already on the hefty side (which is one of the causes of developing man breasts), it is prudent to go on a low fat diet in order to allow the body to burn off excess calories. If you are using creams or pills for male chest reduction, a low fat diet can help speed up the process of converting excess fats to usable energy.

3. Pluses and Minuses of Gynecomastia Surgery

Unless there is a medical rationale for it (i.e. if there are calcification and/or cancerous lumps in your breasts), breast reduction surgery is not a very sensible option for getting rid of man boobs. For starters, it is risky and the cost is too high for most people. In most cases, men are better off exploring natural breast reduction solutions before entertaining the prospect of having invasive procedures.

To those of you who are couch potatoes or want to get rid of your man boobs ASAP well you may need to resort to surgery. Some gynecomastia cases require surgical intervention. I know, I know, it sounds horrifying, especially if the last time you were under the knife was when you were six and had your tonsils out.

But, and this is a word worth considering, if your gynecomastia has been under treatment for more than a year and there is no apparent sign of improvement, your gynecomastia might be the chronic type and will require removal of your glandular breast tissue.

Given that there are safer and cheaper options on how to lose male breasts, men owe it to themselves to remain prudent and cautious. Keep in mind that your goal is to not only remove unsightly breasts, but also remain healthy and productive for as long as possible.

4. Topical Treatment – Gynecomastia Creams

Men who want to get rid of their enlarged breasts usually tun to topical solutions first before trying anything else. This seems like the logical choice since creams/gels/serums are easy to get hold of and are fairly inexpensive (although there are others that can really put a dent on your credit card).

Needless to say, I would prefer non-invasive treatments such as gynecomastia creams and pills any day over surgery. These are also less costly than surgical treatments, not to mention the fact that it’s virtually painless.

Creams can be easily and conveniently applied without the use of any tools or even assistance; they are portable to take anywhere and accessible from any drugstore or online store to use anytime.

The downside is that the result is not instantaneous and may take some time to be visible, if at all. This is because the skin does not absorb the cream’s ingredients sometimes.

I’ve discovered one of the most proven effective gynecomastia creams available on the market: Gynexol . a cream specifically formulated to fight gynecomastia’s effects by shrinking the fat cells around the affected breast tissue. There have been no side effects reported with the usage of Gynexol .

Gynexol. with natural ingredients such as aloe vera juice, retinol a.k.a. vitamin A, and extract of ginkgo biloba, among others, is formulated in a US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA)-approved facility. Read the user reviews to find out why this gynecomastia cream is recommended by health expert Stewart Perry.


Easy to Use and Apply – Topical creams and gels are just about the easiest things to use so you there is no need for any assistance or added equipment to apply the solution. You can also take the treatment anywhere and use it anytime.

Available Online and Pharmacies - You can choose to purchase topical gynecomastia solutions from any drug store in your locale or, if this is embarrassing for you, there are always online stores that sell such products.

Effects are Not Always Impressive – Many topical products guarantee results in as little as a few weeks, but very few live up to customer expectations. Among the many drawbacks of using topical creams for treating male gynecomastia is that the ingredients may not be thoroughly absorbed by the skin, thereby negating the expected effect. While some products actually have the right ingredients, skin absorption is not the ideal mode of delivery so one cannot be as optimistic in terms of the net result.

5. Male Breast Reduction Pills

Just as there are products intended to increase breast size (in women), there are also those that cater to males with the need to reduce theirs. Gynecomastia medication is a highly popular treatment option today, as it provides significantly better results compared to other non-invasive methods. Since the active ingredients are consumed and processed by the body, there is a better chance of getting the most out of the components. In most cases, breast reduction pills for men are made of components that either boost testosterone levels or reduce estrogen levels in the body (other products do both), which would eliminate the side effect which is breast enlargement.

For those of you who want to lose man boobs by ingesting the cure rather than spreading it on your chest, take pills specifically formulated for gynecomastia such as Gynexin . I’ve tried it myself and it works. Like its cream counterpart Gynexol. Gynexin has a 99% average success rate  in treating gynecomastia.


using ingredients like green tea extract, caffeine, theobromine cacao, guggulsyerones. and scaleorides, among others, Gynexin helps reduce both the size as well as the number of fat cells present in the breast tissue, according to my doctor. With a dosage of two Gynexin pills a day, I’ve experienced tightening of the torso in three weeks.

The number of testimonials citing the effectiveness of Gynexin has been growing. Check out the official website of Gynexin to confirm what satisfied users have been raving about: the loss of man boobs in less than six months at a fraction of the cost of gynecomastic surgery.

Absorption of a pill’s ingredients is what makes a gynecomastic pill the better choice when it comes to results. This fast absorption rate enables the ingredients in the pill to distribute its curative value more quickly to the targeted area, he explained. This quick assimilation into the body apparently also helps maximize Gynexin ’s potency to work on the upper chest immediately so there is less treatment time.

Pills for gynecomastia are portable like their cream versions but more cost efficient. Not all gynecomastia pills are created equal, though, that’s why you have to be sure that you’re consuming the one without the additives or preservatives. Buy a pill like Gynexin that has been formulated with quality ingredients in the right proportions.

Like any other medication, however, there is a downside to gynecomastia pills. Because different manufacturers formulate gynecomastia pills with various ingredients of their own choosing in different amounts, the results will obviously be varied as well; this means that while some of these pills will be able to provide results within a short period of time, others will take several months for you to notice changes.

And while pills to treat gynecomastia aren’t necessarily cheap (their prices usually start at around $50 for a 30-day supply) if you compare prices like that with the cost of surgery, these pills are don’t come anywhere expensive at all. To help you make an informed choice, read on about how breast reduction pills may or may not be ideal for you.

Male breast reduction pills are ideal for individuals who:

  • Want an option other than a surgical procedure to get rid of their man boobs.
  • Determined to control their daily calorie intake and commit to a physical fitness regimen (especially exercises to rid the upper chest of unwanted fat) to speed up metabolism to burn calories and fat.
  • Have no available free time to undergo a customized breast reduction treatment such as surgery.
  • Are unable to acquire insurance coverage for a surgical procedure; some insurance companies will refuse you coverage primarily on the basis that breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure.

Not ideal for individuals who:

  • Want breast reduction that is contoured or sculpted like the kind done on celebrities.
  • Require immediate results because of an event or occasion like a wedding or an awarding ceremony; a compression vest would be the ideal choice for a need such as this.

Easy and Safe to Use – Gynecomastia pills are just as easy to use as topical creams, perhaps even more so. In addition, these pills are safe to consume even on a regular basis (caveat: not all pills have the same formulation so be sure to find a product that is all natural and devoid of any preservatives or additives), so it does not pose any threat to your health. As long as you follow the required dosage and not deviate from the recommended daily intake, you can expect more or less desirable results.

Significantly Less Expensive than Creams – Based on the prevailing prices of breast reduction creams and other similar topical treatments today, consumers will be better off saving money by opting for pills instead. Most products are packaged into 30 or 60 pills for each bottle, which lasts for about a month or two (depending on the formulation) of continuous usage. Since you are already spending good money, you might as well go for something that is not only cost efficient but effective as well.

Products Vary in Efficacy – The sad truth is that that since different manufacturers use different ingredients to formulate gynecomastia pills, the results also vary. The crux of the problem when it comes to choosing breast reduction pills is that some products are simply not as effective as others so consumers often find themselves lost in a sea of endless choices. Some of the best male breast reduction medication provide results in a mere few weeks, while mediocre second rate products take months before you can see anything changes.

Natural Pills Versus Prescriptions Medication

Just as there are medical-grade weight loss pills, there are also prescription gynecomastia drugs. Most people would think that they are better off with prescription drugs, but this is not always the case. In fact, there are natural pills that are formulated to a level that can rival expensive prescriptive narcotics. Gynexin. for instance, is a natural gynecomastia treatment that targets fat cells and reduces the lipids to inconsequential levels.

Herbal-based breast reduction pills have little or no adverse side effects simply because the body is more responsive to natural components than to synthetic ones.

Why Choose Herbal Based Pills for Breast Reduction?

There is much debate as to the merits of herbal-based supplements and why consumers choose to use it instead of medical-grade pharmacologicals. Apart from safety, which includes the elimination of as many side effects as possible, herbal supplements work better as the human body is more receptive to natural components than synthetic ones. The product Gynexin is an example of prime-grade breast reduction pills that are made of 100% all natural ingredients (including but not limited to cacao, green tea extract, and concentrated caffeine), that make for an excellent formula that targets excess fat on the breasts.

One of the biggest reasons why the breast reduction pill treatment may not work for some is that a majority of males ends up buying the wrong product.

Choosing Products Wisely

I hope that by now you know how to lose your man boobs, at least you should have few effective options available. Gynecomastia treatment without surgery is not only possible, but also highly reliable, thanks to natural products that are not only safe but also largely effective. Since not all male breast reduction solutions work the same, it is important to know which ones are worth buying based on the testimonials of other customers as well as reliable and honest reviews by experts.

It may not be easy to spot hyped-up products these days, but excellent ones are easier to find due to how popular they are not only to customers but also among health professionals who know exactly what works and what does not. Enlarged male breasts need not be a long term burden, especially because there are excellent solutions that work faster than what you might expect.

Each of these treatment options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one over the other will require some serious thinking on your part before you make a decision that could impact your life later on.

Factors such as,

  • how quickly do you want your man boobs to disappear,
  • whether or not you are willing to undergo surgery,
  • can you afford the surgery
  • committing to go on a diet for gynecomastia
  • having the determination to exercise or workout until you reach your goal

…are only some of the things you will have to consider before choosing any of the treatments mentioned. Just remember that whatever type of treatment you choose, it should be safe and not pose as a hazard to your health in the future. I consider Gynexin to be my gynecomastia treatment of choice and it’s worked for me. I’m quite confident you’ll find your answer from any one of the options I’ve provided.

Here you can get the most effective nonsurgical gynecomastia treatment in my opinion

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