Hand therapy


Hand therapy is available at Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center's Montrose location, as well as at some other outpatient locations.

We believe close physician-therapist communication leads to better patient care and results. Surgeons and therapists work together as a team to aide in the rehabilitation process.

Hand therapists are an essential part of the Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center care team. The Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center has 10 certified hand therapists - the largest number in a central location in Northeast Ohio. Certified hand therapists have additional training beyond their registered occupational therapist training. There are also three certified occupational therapy assistants.

When patients are referred for hand therapy, they can be seen immediately following their physician appointment. Often, when patients come back for a follow-up appointment, the physician will see them in the therapy office to coordinate information and communication for the patient.

The streamlined care and ease of referral is unparalleled, and it is usually not found in a generic orthopedic practice.

Certified hand therapists cover a range of treatments, including acute hand therapy after injuries or surgery,

myofascial treatments to try to elongate and change anatomic structures that have become tight and restrictive, and task-specific, upper-extremity treatments for individuals to gain increased functional use of their hands/upper extremities for work and/or home. We see many patients with a high level of complexity and severity, providing both direct treatment and home program instruction.

Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center therapists are experts at diagnosing, evaluating and treating work-related injuries in an objective, cost-effective manner. We understand that industrial injuries present special challenges, including the value of injury prevention and patient education in proper body mechanics.

We return injured employees back to work as soon as medically appropriate from such workplace injuries as fractures and dislocations, repetitive motion disorders, musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and sprains and strains. We also provide constant communication and coordination regarding treatment and work status to employers, case managers and claim adjusters.


To make an appointment at any of our hand therapy locations, please contact the Montrose office.

Medina 4975 Foote Road, Suite 100 Medina, OH 44256 Phone: (330) 668-4060 Toll Free: (888) 633-4623

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