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healing affirmations

Using Affirmations & (Subliminal) Messaging Programs for Recovery & Goal Achievement

On the Power of Words

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Welcome to page 14 of Healing Cancer & Your Mind featuring articles on the power of words & the optimum use of affirmations as well as a rich list of affirmations to help heal all manner of ills including cancer.

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On the Optimum Use of Affirmations &

(Subliminal) Messaging Programs to Support Cancer

Recovery & Personal Goal Achievement

by Healing Cancer Naturally, © 2004, 2005 & 2007

I believe it's very important to integrate affirmations and particularly visualizations of yourself as healthy into your full health recovery plan, i.e. to both often repeat positive phrases to yourself and to hold a strong mental picture of yourself as healthy, vital, energetic etc.

Based on what I have read about affirmations and the “mechanics” of the subconscious (as far as they are known and explored), here are five suggestions for the optimum use of affirmations:

Avoid integrating into your affirmation what you wish to overcome, for example don't say "I am cancer-free" but rather something that expresses your ideal state such as "I am perfectly healthy". "I am in wonderful health" etc. Carefully avoid statements phrased in the negative, such as “I don’t have cancer anymore”. Apparently the subconscious doesn’t register the negation or only listens to the actual expression used, such as “have cancer”. So always use statements phrased in the positive.

2. Use present tense:

Say "I am healthy, I am healed, I feel great, I am full of energy now", don't put things off into the future such as by saying, "I will be cancer-free".

3. Use believable (to you) statements and increment them gradually.

Start for instance with "I think I am getting healthier", increment to "I am getting healthier", then "I am healthier", and finally "I am healthy". Similarly, “I am healing”. “I am healed”.

4. Use affirmations display software and/or subliminal messaging programs)

orinaffirmations.paradisenow.net for free. This program allows one to have one’s own affirmations flash onscreen, thus bathing the mind as long as desired in the thoughts of one's choice. One can even set it to extremely short display times such as 1/100th of a second which makes whatever is displayed a truly subliminal message since the conscious mind is too slow to decipher its meaning. Additionally, the shorter display time (such as 50 milliseconds) of each message allows for completely unimpeded working at whatever task you may be occupied with on your computer. On the other hand, you might better enjoy consciously absorbing your affirmations and perhaps feel irritated by a rapidly flashing display - it is a matter of experimentation.

How effective is subliminal messaging? I don't know. I recently saw a commercial "subliminal messaging program" endorsed by people of great renown in the spiritual arena but which (to my dismay) was promoted by highly fraudulent and deceptive hype (such as promising you near-instant solutions to long-standing problems and becoming a genius at whatever you desire, “naturally” all without any effort whatsoever on your part).

While it is conceivable to me that some will indeed experience immediate beneficial changes in their lives just by having subliminal messages flashing at them on-screen for a few hours, days or weeks, I think it is very deceptive to promise or guarantee the same instant improvements to everyone. In fact,my own experiences confirm this: I am healthy and personally use a subliminal messaging program for general upliftment and support in reaching goals but have not had dramatic improvements as promised, even after a full month of constant exposure to positive affirmations for many hours every day.

Such people and sales persons who raise possibly false hopes clearly put profits above ethics, profiting from those desperate for help (or unwilling to put in personal effort towards the solution of their challenges). Please be careful whom you trust and support. (Personally I think that we are constantly being tested as we go along, and that many “fall” when faced with the temptation that power brings, money being a major one of them. )

5. Become aware of possible “tail-enders” and learn how to erase them

Sometimes or often affirmations don’t seem to work and one powerful reason can be that after saying or reading an affirmation, we may subconsciously append what Gary Craig, founder of EFT, brilliantly describes as “tail-enders”. One illustrative example from his (formerly?) free Palace of Possibilities ebook:

“. the stated affirmation often has competition within the person's system. That competing affirmation gets tagged on at the tail end of the stated affirmation in a subtle, yet powerful, way and becomes the "true" affirmation. For example, our 200 pound woman who says, "My normal weight is 130 pounds and that's what I weigh" is likely to have one or more "tail enders" show up at the end of her affirmation. They might go like this.

"But if you lose the weight, others will expect you to keep it off."

"But if you lose the weight, you will have to spend a lot of money for new clothes."

"But if you lose the weight, men will hit on you and expect sex."

"But if you lose the weight, men won't hit on you and then you will know you aren't loveable."

"But if you lose the weight, you will have to give up your favorite foods."

This list of tail enders is endless. These are just examples. They are not spoken or articulated, of course, but are subtle (and powerful) reflections of the existing obstacles for losing weight. Can they be eventually overridden by the persistent use of the affirmation? Probably. However, it's a rare person who will keep up this persistence. Why? Because first, they are not seeing any immediate results and, second, they feel uncomfortable with the emotional discord that goes on between the stated affirmation and the competing tail enders. They often conclude that they are lying to themselves and just give up. As you can see, the affirmation process usually needs help. It needs EFT to erase those existing tail enders.”

See Introduction to EFT. a DIY technique which can also be used in combination with affirmations (I’ve often practiced it).

6 Additional tips

While not directly related to the subject of affirmations, here is another tip gleaned from Mirsakarim Norbekov's excellent work: try to smile as often as possible, particularly when looking into the mirror. Apparently the mind amalgamates the physical (muscular) expression of wellbeing - the smile - and the feeling of wellbeing so when you physically express wellbeing by intentionally shaping your mouth into a smile, the emotional feeling of wellbeing tends to follow.

And a final advice would be to also start requesting most benevolent outcomes .

The Power of Words

by Takara © 2003 Spirit of Nature, www.spiritofnature.org/wordart.htm

Excerpt from "Manifesting Your Beloved"

How many times have we set goals, visualized our desired outcome, created and repeated positive affirmations, and yet still not achieved what we had hoped? There are numerous potential causes for this. Sometimes its simply a matter of WORDS.

Every sound we utter sends out an energy wave that aids in creating our world. With every sentence we speak we are improving or destroying our health, relationships, finances, etc.

The most powerful example I've ever heard was a story told to me directly by the woman who had the experience. This woman had developed an incurable disease of the eyes. She

was quickly going blind. Her physicians said there was NOTHING they could do. Being very determined and not liking what she heard, she turned to alternative therapies for a possible cure - something she never would have done had she not been in this desperate situation. A friend recommended she see someone that did crystal healing. She thought that sounded ridiculous but decided to give it a try. During her appointment, the crystal healing therapist asked her to describe herself, her life, etc. and she let her talk for about 10 minutes. Suddenly, the therapist stopped her and said "Did you know that in the last 10 minutes you said the words 'I hate to see' 15 times?" The woman was shocked. She used the words "I hate to see" before many things. "I hate to see the way the world is going." "I hate to see how they are treating the children in schools." On and on she made reference to "I hate to see" this or that. This was literally an eye opening experience. She switched her words and now years later has perfect vision.

How Many Words Do We Use That Destroy Our Desires?

NEVER NEVER NEVER say "I'm Sorry." Two of the most powerful words in the English language are the words I AM. These words tell every part of you - your personality, your subconscious, your ego, your spirit - who you are. They define WHO YOU ARE. Be very careful what you place behind those words. When you say "I'm sorry," you are saying that WHO YOU ARE is a sorry individual. Replace the words "I'm sorry" with "I apologize." Anyone who eliminates the words "I'm sorry" from their vocabulary will increase their self esteem almost immediately! The same goes for "I'm sick." "I'm tired." "I'm stupid." - you get the idea. Replace those with "I feel ___" and eliminate the stupid comment altogether.

So What Does This Have To Do With Goal Achievement?

Another very important aspect of conscious language is the LAW OF FOCUS. Whatever we place our attention on is what we create. It's important to focus on the positive thing we desire rather than the negative thing we want to avoid. For example, never focus on NOT AGING. Focusing on not aging ensures that you will age and quickly. Instead focus on being healthy, vibrant, and youthful.

An interesting and often overlooked part of all this is the need to avoid words that are negating a negative. What the heck do I mean by that? A word like LIMITLESS is actually drawing the subconscious mind to focus on LIMITS. This is NOT what we want. So saying something like LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE is placing limits on the abundance.

An example from my own life is the word EFFORTLESS. In the past when I made affirmations, I would typically end them with the words "easy, effortless, and fun." An example might be "Having a wonderful relationship is easy, effortless, and fun." This was actually drawing EFFORT into my life. Since I have eliminated that word and now only use "easy and fun" EVERYTHING has shifted. We sold our house in 2 weeks because it was "easy and fun." - and there was no EFFORT involved. Doug's immigration process to the U.S. was taken care of in less than 2 months. There are many, many other examples of how this has made things move very quickly and easily for us.

Review your own affirmations and the words you say out loud or just to yourself and see how POSITIVE you are actually being. It does make a difference!

Scientific Healing Affirmations. Theory and Practice of Concentration by Yogananda

“A systematic start to tapping your mind power: I spent years as a biofeedback therapist, helping individuals harness the power of their mental and emotional states to effect healing for chronic pains, illnesses, and addictions. Over time it became clearer and clearer that the most powerful healing effects had little to do with expensive biomedical biofeedback equipment and everything to do with basic mind-body-breathing techniques that have been known for thousands of years to advanced yoga practitioners.

Yogananda's little volume is an extremely powerful tool for beginning your self-healing. He guides you to the various approaches that might work best for you depending on your personal temperament.

Reading the book is extraordinarily inspiring, but it takes *practicing* the methods to experience the healing. They are skills - and they become powerful with practice. If you add regular meditation to your life routine you will also find that your inner INTUITION develops and that you can sensitively customize the suggested affirmative and healing practices to your own circumstances. My own survival of life-threatening illness is testimony beyond what I have seen in my clients.

You have power within you that is hard to conceive. (Review by richardpinneau.com )

Healing Affirmations

A Chapter from the Upcoming Book


Channeled from Michael by Shepherd Hoodwin

The following are affirmations, or thoughts, that promote healing. There can be value in working with them whether or not you view yourself as physically healthy, because you are constantly creating health--it is not a destination at which you can arrive.

Even if you recognize these statements as ultimate truths, they may not presently be factual for you. By repeating them to yourself--aloud, silently, or in writing--you can make them so for yourself.

If you do not feel them but would like to, express them as if you do feel them, as an actor might. Thought precedes feeling, and the purpose of affirmations is to deliberately change your thoughts. The more conviction with which you express them, the better they will "take." If you do not intellectually believe what you are affirming, see the affirmation as an experiment: "What would happen if I took this attitude?" You are trying it on for size, so to speak, seeing if it has a positive effect. If it does, you may choose to believe it, since an affirmation can only heal to the degree that it is true. However, even if you are consciously skeptical, an appropriate affirmation will work if you do it properly.

Many of those listed here are similar, but each one has a different effect, due to its precise wording. Some affirmations also have alternative wordings within them, which are in parentheses. You can try all of them that seem applicable, noting those to which you respond the most deeply (those that feel the best, or that trigger the greatest reaction in you). You can then do further work with those. Note any negative thoughts that arise; rather than repressing them, lovingly delve more deeply into them, letting yourself understand the reasons for them, until they no longer come up when you state those affirmations. You may wish to devise affirmations that directly address what is coming up in you. You may also wish to state them from different parts of yourself--for example, from your feet, head, heart, and from yourself as if you were a large orb. Be creative. You may wish to record yourself reciting them, and play them back to yourself as you go to sleep or take walks, for instance. Reciting them aloud may amplify them for you. Do not be afraid to improvise on them. Use them until they no longer elicit a response in you, either positive or negative.

If you are working with someone else, you can use affirmations in the second and third person. For example, after he says, "I am love," you might say, "You are love" or "He (using the person's name) is love."

I am the healing force.


I trust in the movement of love.


I release myself (my family, my friends [can name them individually]) into the hands of love.

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