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February 8th - 14th Free Healing Photo: Relationship Cord Healing Flush


Mission Statement: Healing Art Forms is committed to sharing the Universal Principles of Life that are true to all of humanity by embracing alternative forms of Reiki healing, spiritual development, enlightenment, and conscious living.



Healing Art Forms is an online distant healing center fo unded by Ms. Nicole Lanning. Here, at Healing Art Forms, we offer multiple forms of e nergy healing. spiritual healing, Reiki healing and psychic healing modalities. All of ou r healing sessions are completed distantly, so you can be relaxed and receptive in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world and still experience th ese life-changing healing sessions All healing sessions are completed in a meditative connection state for the healing process. as Ms. Lanning will connect in wit h your energy signature through this m editative connection s tate. Your energetic signature is an energ etic field that is mainly based on your name and location within th is energy field. No two people have the same energetic signature, when scheduling in your healing work please make sure to include your full contact name and location for this connection. If there is a specific area you would like to work on for healing or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@healingartforms.com  



There are many different types of healing modalities ou t there to work with for different issues that you may be dealing with. Our main focus is energy healing, Reiki healing, spiritual healing, and psychic healing methods through distant healing processes. We are not limited to just using basic forms of healing for these methods, as we all know that people respond differently to a vari ety of healing work. We work with a combination of many different form ats to find th e balance with in your energy fields to in te grate the healing and allow this to be fully absorbed in the appropriate m ethods. Each session is designed to work on a very specific area of your energetic field and patterns for

the healing p rocess. The different patterns that are worked on are unique in their own right and how the program ming, energy patterns, and all of the energetic issues that are held in these areas such as energy blockages, stagnant energy, energetic anchors, imprint s, and many more. Working on these issues, in the appropriate energy patterns with the right combination of healing energies is the key process of our healing sessions.



All healing sessions and energy scans are scheduled in after payment has been made. Tentative schedul ing dates can be set, however, payment must be received no later than 48 hours in advance for the healing work. Scheduling hours are Monday through Friday 10 am through 10 pm Ea stern Time. No healing sessions are scheduled in over the week unless it is for an emerge ncy or customized healing by reque st of the client. When scheduling in your healing session please allow at-least 24 hours a d vance notice of scheduling in your healing, as we schedule in the healing sessions in order that they come in. Please review our FAQ 's as we want happy and healthy clients who enjoy changing their life through the process of healing.



All communication. either email or phone calls, are kept confidential and no information is shared with anyone. On all he aling sessions, energy scans, and customized healing work you will be working direc tly with Ms. Nicole Lanning. Direct em ail communication is our quickest and easiest form of staying in touch with our clients. All emails are an swered within 24 hours. so please do allow us this amount of time to answer any inco ming questions or scheduling of healing work. Phone calls are returned within 48 hours of receiving them. We cannot answer phone calls during our healing work sessions, so please leave us a message or send us an email and we will get back with you. Again, we do p refer email communication as this is our quickest and easiest way to communicat e with our clients around the world.  




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