Body, mind, and soul. These are three essential elements that will be focused on during your visit to Angelic Healing Hands. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of the company, Rod Dudley has co

Many clients have often compared and described Angelic Healing Hands to the invigorating feeling of taking in a breath of fresh air. The moment you enter the office you will find yourself instantly greeted by a new world of peace and solitude. The atmosphere of the waiting room is very warm and serene with surroundings of timeless Egyptian artwork, and soothing music playing softly in the background.

To compliment the therapeutic atmosphere of Angelic Healing Hands, Rod also takes thoughtful consideration in choosing his massage therapists to meet a wide range of unique needs. Every licensed

therapist is certified and Licensed with the State of Oregon, using Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, while some offer their own treatments including Pregnancy, Personal Injury and Hot Rock Treatments. Rod Dudley has often been told over the years that his personal therapeutic massages feel as if his hands are actually being worked through an angel's healing touch, and he takes pride in seeking out therapists with similar qualifications. In fact, Rod feels confident to recommend any of the Therapists to clients, and will even encourage people to experiment with different therapists to enhance their care and recovery.

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