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The Healing Arts Center was established by Elisabeth Rose Wilds to be a sanctuary of healing energy for adults and youths to foster personal growth and transformation through various healing arts programs. 

Since April 2009, The Healing Arts Center has administered a Healing Arts Clinic at Covenant House New York for employees and youths through private appointments on a bi-weekly basis. 

The Healing Arts Center offers workshops, as well as group and one-on-one classes designed to create awareness of the mind-body connection and empower participants to learn how to self-regulate their emotional states to achieve a calm mind, deeper states of relaxation and to experience peace.  In addition, we teach stress management and mindfulness classes for Covenant House Works  Job Readiness and GED programs.   In March 2013, we introduced the well-renowned ".b" mindfulness-based program for teens (developed in the U.K.) to the GED program.

A Brighter Light in the World® Products


  A Brighter Light in the World® products evolved from a journey of seeing the world through the eyes of love.  Our mission is to share the spiritual wisdom derived from many traditions around the world to assist in awakening to healthier ways of being in the world.

Teaching Mindfulness to Children & Teens is our first self-help book.  It is a practical guide to mindfulness practices with short chapters on specific elements of the practice along with simple practices that are easily incorporated into your children's daily routines.  This book has proven to

be very popular and is being followed by Teaching Mindfulness II - Walking A Spiritual Path. which focuses on actual teaching experiences and the benefits of embodying the practice.

The children's books focus on the power of love and were written to open doors for conversation between children and their families on the spiritual aspects of life.  These children's books cross many traditions and express timeless wisdom that has been handed down over many generations.  We have eight children's books  in our Happy Heart & Peaceful Mind series.  Four books touch upon the principles of mindfulness and meditation namely, We Are Like the Sky, I Make A Circle, Cookie's Magical Snow  and The Adventures of Body, Mind & Spirit - That Rascal!  Each book in the series features 'A Note for Parents' with suggestions on how to incorporate concepts into fun conversations and daily activities. 

The novels focus on themes of personal transformation, healthy relationships, spirituality and ancient wisdom traditions.

The guided meditation CDs take the listener on journeys to healthier ways of being in the world.  Each CD in the series focuses on the major developmental issues of one of the seven major chakras. The musical themes accompanying the journeys have been artfully crafted to create a sense of place and surrounding that follow the story line.  There has been much care in utilizing appropriate instrumentation, musical scales and notes to energetically support the listener throughout the journey. 

These products are available through Amazon/Amazon Kindle.  Books can be ordered through local booksellers and are distributed by Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Integral Yoga Distribution Inc.  MP3 versions of the CDs are available at Amazon.

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