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After 30 years, I started playing tennis this summer, taking lessons in McKinley Park. Of course, I'm now a middle-aged man, so the joints ain't so limber. A Groupon offer led to this massage place, and boy what a find.  Scheduled by phone, no problem. It's downtown, close to my home, easy to reach by bicycle or walking. It's on the third floor of the building next to the Citizen Hotel. It's clean, with a comfortable lobby, including nice clean restrooms. I enjoyed a one-hour massage with Mary, and she really worked out the kinks from tennis and a lot of miles. My prior massage experience is limited, but includes the Capitol Athletic Club. I'd say this massage was very comparable, if not better. I plan to return. Great find.

Soooo bad. i think i need therapy from my experience. I should have ran when the little voice told me too. When I arrived the receptionist said she had called (she did but I missed it) to ask if I was ok getting a massage from a man. I said of course, and thought it was odd bc I never had specified that I wanted a woman. Ps. I signed up for a "professional" massage.

I don't want to relive the experience so I'll hit on the antithesis of highlights:

-no music, all i could hear was the labored breathing and phlegm clearing of the guy who was jerking around on my body.

-I'm pretty sure someone with no training knows more ab giving massages, I certainly do. It was the weirdest jerkiest hand motions I've ever encountered. Nothing was fluid, and transitions were almost intolerable. He jumped from shoulders to back to the other side and back again. very odd.

-I wrote on the form that I didn't want my feet massaged (bc I didn't want the oil in my sandals after), he apparently didn't read it. When I said I didn't want my face massaged, he did it anyway, even after I waved his hand off. (Seriously? Just bc you're hard of hearing doesn't mean you don't have to pay attention when someone moves your hand off of them).

-he literally crunched my knuckles and bones in my feet together. It even hurt awhile afterwards. This was odd bc the pressure on my actual body could hardly be felt.

-he abruptly stopped and left the room.

Totally freaky, avoid at all costs.

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