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healing center

The Center can also help design and host Professional Meetings and One-Day Retreats .

Primary Care: Family Practice and Children’s Health Services

Primary care focuses on optimizing health, preventing illness and treating acute and chronic conditions. An integrative perspective emphasizes all aspects of an individual’s life, including family and community. A holistic approach includes diet, exercise, stress reduction, self-care and spiritual renewal. The doctor or other primary care practitioner becomes a partner in supporting their patients toward an optimal balance of mind, body and spirit.

Family Medicine Physicians and Nurse Practitioners offer primary care at the Center for adults, infants, children and adolescents. Well-child care includes evaluating your child’s growth and development, physical health, and emotional well-being, keeping in mind the impact that social and environmental influences have on your child’s health. Integrative Family Medicine incorporates nutrition, massage, aromatherapy and other natural therapies for symptom relief and immune system support. Other Center services such as acupuncture and homeopathy may be recommended to support you or your child’s overall health.

Click here to make an appointment with a Center primary care practitioner: Benjamin Kligler, MD, CAc; Sapna Chaudhary, DO, CAc; Pamela Hops, MD, CAc; Leah Spieler, MD, Rachel Nechemia, FNP.

Integrative Internal Medicine Care for Adults

Our Integrative Internal Medicine practice is a primary care approach that focuses on optimizing health, preventing illness and promoting wellness. This approach is patient-centered and based on maximizing a relationship of partnership and trust between the doctor and patient. The simplest, safest and most cost effective approaches are used starting with lifestyle management (diet, nutrition, physical activity and stress management) as the cornerstone of wellness. In addition, other health practices are available to support a healing response, including expertise in the use of botanicals and supplements and mind/body practices such as stress reduction, hypnosis, and progressive relaxation.

Dr. Martin Ehrlich, Dr. Roberta Lee and Dr. Pamela Yee are also able to use an approach known as Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is an integrative whole person approach that uses biochemical assessment to shed light on subtle triggers of chronic diseases in areas that are normally overlooked in a conventional medical assessment. For instance, functional medicine can identify and characterize the negative health impact from poor gastrointestinal health, excessive environmental exposure to toxins, subtle allergic reactions and extreme nutritional depletion. The information from this assessment is particularly useful in maximizing a successful outcome in complex medical problems such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, perimenopausal syndrome and more.

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Integrative & Preventive Cardiology

Integrative cardiology is an exciting new field of cardiology that combines conventional and expanded healing options to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. Conventional cardiology focuses on the treatment of acute illness such as heart attacks and heart failure. Integrative cardiology works to prevent heart disease long before it appears by addressing the root causes, including genetics, lifestyle, emotional stress or risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Integrative cardiology also focuses on healing heart disease. It incorporates conventional evidence-based medicine with lifestyle, nutrition, mind-body medicine and an understanding of spirituality to develop an individual prescription for health.

Vivian A. Kominos, MD, FACC is a cardiologist who has worked over 20 years in the practice she founded, Heart Specialists of Central Jersey LLP prior to joining the Center. She obtained her MD degree from St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed her Internal Medicine Residency and Cardiology Fellowship at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the main teaching hospital of UMDNJ. Initially an invasive cardiologist, she obtained further training in Integrative Medicine from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM), University of Arizona School of Medicine and since 2005 has concentrated on the prevention and healing of heart disease. Her special interests include women and heart disease, emotions and the heart, and the athletic heart. Dr. Kominos has a strong belief that most heart disease can be prevented and that the capacity for healing is immense.

Services include: Evaluation of cardiac symptom including Exercise stress testing, Stress echocardiography, Holter Monitoring, and Echocardiography; Risk factor evaluation with individually designed prevention strategies; “Healthy Heart Program”; Treatment of cardiac diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart failure, coronary artery disease, valve problems and heart rhythm problems.

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Our dermatology practice advocates a whole body approach to skin health and wellness, tailoring each treatment plan specifically to individual patient needs. We offer a

comprehensive approach to both medical and cosmetic dermatology. This integrates the best of conventional dermatologic therapies with more holistic healing practices combining lifestyle modifications, natural supplements and close collaboration with other wellness practitioners at the Center.

Dr. Moulton-Levy treats a variety of skin, hair and nail conditions including inflammatory, infectious, allergic/immunologic, and hormonal ailments. She also performs surgical procedures to treat skin cancers and benign skin growths. The practice welcomes patients of all ages.

It is our goal to help improve the skin’s appearance and contribute to an overall positive sense of well-being. Therefore, we also offer aesthetic treatment options. For those who seek to further enhance wellness and beauty in this manner, Dr. Moulton-Levy will customize a treatment program using carefully selected products and devices. A consultation is recommended in order to determine the optimal skin care regimen for each patient.

Click here to make an appointment with Natalie Moulton-Levy, MD.

Integrative Gynecology & Women’s Health Services

Integrative gynecological care is a blend of conventional gynecological treatments and other expanded clinically proven healing approaches. Each treatment program is designed for the individual needs of the patient. This holistic orientation to gynecological care combines lifestyle management (nutrition, exercise, stress management skills), western herbs, and natural hormones with other therapeutic approaches offered by Center practitioners including acupuncture, homeopathy, integrative nutrition and mind-body medicine.

Click here to make an appointment with Emily Hartzog, MD or Parveen R. Sondhi, MD.

Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

This program offers an integrative approach to the treatment of a myriad of muscle, bone and joint injuries and conditions. Whether it’s an injury which occurred on the athletic field, a herniated disc, or a twisted ankle from stepping off the curb, a rapid diagnosis and appropriate intervention will likely facilitate a quicker recovery. Under the leadership of Robert S. Gotlin, DO and the clinical expertise of Lisa Bartoli, DO the Division of Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation has achieved national accolades for orthopedic and sports injury treatment protocol development and implementation. The program utilizes a variety of appropriate and effective treatment approaches including precise physical therapy prescriptions, appropriate personal trainer recommendation, medication prescription, injection, manual therapy, acupuncture, athletic counseling and collaboration with Center nutrition services.

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The dynamic team at this facility provides conservative treatment and rehabilitative services for a variety of musculoskeletal ailments. Our treatment goal is to restore optimal function and to reduce activity-limiting pain. Our clients will achieve higher levels of well-being through preventative, restorative and maintenance strategies from our carefully chosen and highly skilled staff of physicians, clinicians and personal trainers.

The Continuum Center for Health & Healing provides a comprehensive continuum of care integrating methodologies such as physical therapy, personal fitness, mind-body therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional guidance. Our team is continuously developing structured and individualized training programs that are scientifically sound and carefully choreographed. Our services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, myofascial release, personal fitness training, sports specific training, exercise counseling and youth weight training.

This integrative approach puts We Focus on Fitness on the cutting edge of the rehabilitation industry and serves as a model for such centers nationwide.

Lisa M. Bartoli, DO, MS, Attending Physician

Yvonne Johnson, PT, Program Manager

Joana Cadiz, PT

Phillipe Corbanese, DPT

Cyrian Regalado, MSCP, PT

Ellen Kolber, MS, MA, OTR, CHT

Jeff Young, Kinesiologist, CSCS, USAW-SPC, Fitness Program Co-ordinator

Elise Kelley, ACSM-CPT, NASM CES

To make an appointment at the fitness center, call 646 935-2266 .

Yvonne Johnson, PT Yvonne is the Manager of Physical Therapy at The Center for Health and Healing. She is a graduate of New York University and has over 19 years of clinical experience. Yvonne has extensive expertise in musculoskeletal and orthopedic assessment and treatment. The majority of her career has been dedicated to the treatment of professional and collegiate athletes and weekend warriors along with the general population. Her approach is a strong, comprehensive mixture of exercise design and manual-based therapies. She believes that the integration of patient specific traditional exercise paradigms with soft issue techniques, like (Myofascial Release), bridges the gap between a good and excellent outcome. She has developed injury-specific therapeutic interventions and has choreographed their adaptation into rehabilitation programs for routine and complex sports-related injuries. Yvonne has been the physical therapist for several of The New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, New York Liberty, The Harlem Wizards and The U.S. Women’s National Rugby Teams.

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