Healing chakras

healing chakras

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In this book `spirituality' is presented in a most practical and accessible style. Dr Davies writes with such clarity and simplicity and yet with humility and compassion.

An extraordinary wide vista of knowledge is traversed succinctly and lightly but with the rigour and solidity of a medical and psychiatry background. But it is Brenda `s clear and easy to understand framework and contextualisation of practical life `issues' within the context of the charkas or healing centres that is most amazing. The issues covered are vast - from abundance and self esteem to the frustrations of uncovered potential.

A must read for anyone who

wishes to gain insights to old entrenched patterns. this book will truly present a fresh way of looking at `issues' and present roadmaps to self healing and discovery.

The structure of the handbook is such that you can either do a quick scan if there is a very particular issue you want to uncover or pause at various places and do some in depth work.

For me personally in my current work it really helped me to understand behaviours and dynamics in workplaces of my own and others - which were not being solved at the level of management development and training interventions.

Go see for yourself.

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