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The Healing Codes & Stress

It's no secret that stress kills. When we experience stress the body's fight or flight response is in effect which increases blood presure levels, restricts oxygen flow to the brain and elsewhere, and releases all sorts of stress hormones like adrenaline. Simply put, stress is the substance of death and in order to live a healthy (and happier) life we must learn to change the way we respond to circumstances, situations and the world at large.

It's of utmost importance to understand that there is no outside cause of stress, but that it's entirely the result of how we allow our mind to react and function. If you're not in control of your mind, who is? Stress is the result of perceptions, views and attitudes about the world, and is not the result of the world itself. Unfortunately however, it's not always easy to suddenly change the way our mind works when the neural network has been so ingrained by constant repetition. Lucky for us The Healing Codes brings about major change in the stress paradigm in very little time at all. It changes stress in a matter of minutes in a scientifically provable and reproducible way, thus eliminating the real underlying reason behind illness and disease in the body.

What most of us have believed up until this point is that the disease itself (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.) is the problem, but in reality the disease is only a symptom of stress put on the cells of our body.

Dr. Ben Johnson

The Healing Codes are highly recommended by Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, NMD, DO, who even left his successful medical practice to instead work with The Healing Codes after having a profound firsthand experience. If he looks familiar it's because he was in the movie "The Secret." In reference to The Healing Codes he has been quoted as saying "I have never seen this before!" Ben was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, which is generally thought of as a virtual death sentence but after only eight weeks of using The Healing Codes an EMG test was run and there were no longer symptoms nor any laboratory signs of Lou Gehrig's Disease. It's believed by the traditional medical community that there is no cure for this illness, but that's because they don't realize stress is the underlying issue that must be addressed.

Change Your Mind to Heal

Simple logic tells us that the answer to all of the world's problems (including disease), is the truth. And so, even severely and chronically ill patients can heal when truth is put to

practice. First, one must accept that they are currently unaware of the truth. Second, one must want the real truth that already is what it is, despite our current opinions and beliefs about it. Open-mindedness and the willingness to change are absolutely required in order to heal. Therein lies the problem for many people. Self improvement and belief re-patterning for most people is not an easy task, but with powerful healing modalities like The Healing Codes. it becomes much much easier, perhaps even pleasant. You just do The Healing Codes, and let THEM do the work. The human body is an absolutely amazing self-healing system - you just need to get out of the way to turn it on.

If the body had no energy, it wouldn't be alive. If our cells had no energy, they wouldn't be alive.

Science has shown repeatedly that many diseases are the result of a lack of energy at the cellular level.

Having "a weak immune system" is just another way of saying "lack of cellular energy/health/vitality".

Disease is the result of weak malfunctioning cells.

And cells malfunction because of constant stress (negativity) put upon them.

And that stress is due to a lack of energy (and nutrients).

It's a simple proven fact that stressful negative emotions don't provide a positive life giving energy.

Negative emotions, which are the absence of love and truth, are literally the absence of energy.

In other words, truth/love/peace/energy is healing to the body.

To quote the official Healing Codes website.

"They are not meant to heal health issues. The Healing Codes heal issues of the heart."

Many health issues just happen to be the result of continuous false negative emotions, attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs.

In other words. STRESS on the cells that make up the body.

Naturally, if the source of health issues is removed, the body can then heal itself.

After all, the human body is a self-healing mechanism, when honored, respected and cared for.

No matter the health problem, in order to heal, negatives must be let go of by focusing on positives instead.

Health is the body's natural state when the cells aren't subjected to emotional, physical or energetic stress.

If you'd like to provide your body & mind with the required energy for proper healthy cellular functioning.

The Healing Codes are about the fastest and easiest way of doing that.

1. Undo the stressful negative programming of your mind

2. Heal 12 categories of issues that affect all areas of life

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