Healing crystals meanings

healing crystals meanings

Meanings By Crystal Shapes

Abundance Crystal

This is a specimen with one long crystal and many smaller ones surrounding it. The abundance crystal attracts abundance of all kinds.

Amorphous Crystal

This is a stone that has no particular shape. It gives a strong and rapid flow of energy.

Aura Stick Wand

This is a specially designed crystal with a sphere on one end and terminator on the other. Used to rid of negative energy from the Aura and clean chakras via sunlight.


Smaller Crystal is enclosed in a larger crystal. It Bridges the inner and outer worlds, the self and others.


This is a Deity of Peace. He guides in spiritual travel, bringing peace and harmony through the quieting of the mind.


Animal of mystery, wit, and grace. Helps you delve deep into the mystical realm. Very protective of treasures.


Naturally occurring stones with many points or parts growing in all directions. They represent an evolved community of individuals on common ground, reaping the benefits of peace and harmony. They emit intense healing and cleansing vibrations. Other crystals can be charged atop.


Animal of wisdom and love. Symbolizes evolution of the Earth through compassion and community.


Powerful Tibetan wand used during spiritual ceremony. The dorje allows one to enter a trance like state for higher connection. It is the “Bringer of truth”, and brings one to the vibration of Ohm.

Double Terminator

This crystal is pointed at both ends. It simultaneously transmits and receives energy. Excellent for meditation, astral projection and for dreaming - place it under the pillow at night and it can increase and intensify dream state. Carrying a double terminator provides protection from mental attack.


Fierce and protective animal. Aids you on your journey to the magical realm. Brings power and status.


These fit well in the hand for healing and meditation. The ends can be used for massage, reflexology, and acupressure.


This is the Hindu elephant god, known as the “Remover of Obstacles”. He brings protection, wealth, and wisdom. Excellent for meditation and healing.


Faceted crystal that is rounded on one end and pointed on the other. Represent the perfect geometric form through which universal energy can flow. Natural generators and crystals polished into generators have the same properties. Useful for energy magnification and stimulating all portions of physical, intellectual, emotional bodies.


Hold and amplify energy within themselves. Help in breaking addictions and overindulgent personalities. When facing a door, geodes will transmute any negative energy of people who walk through the door, hence protecting the room.


Promotes loving attitude and compassion. Enhances relationships and helps one attract the soul mate.


This is a 20 pyramid star! Circulates fast energy to increase your vibration. Great for working with higher dimensions and spiritual contact, wisdom.

Kwan Yin

She is the Chinese Goddess of compassion. Brings calming female energy. Aids in channeling and spiritual realization, and plays a key role in the Earth Shift.

Laughing Buddha

He is a deity that brings joy and laughter into life. Promotes childlike innocence and enlightenment through simplicity. Reminds you to take pleasure in the small things. Rubbing his belly brings luck and prosperity.

Laser Wands

Tapers to a pointed tip, flat base. Energy is well focused through the small termination and be used to clear the aura of negativity and beam healing energy to the self and others.

Massage Stick

Designed for working on Acupressure and Energy Points. Transfers the energy of the crystal into the body.


Two pyramids fuse to create an 8 pointed Merkaba. The star represents the mental, emotional and physical bodies, all moving in different directions. Holding a Merkaba will provide protection, power and spiritual development for the 4th dimension.


These are crystals that are flat on one end and pointed on the other, and can stand. They center and lift energy, collecting it from the universe through the point, and dispersing it into the environment.


Crystal that is attached to a chain, and often has a sphere on the end for holding. These are used for dowsing and chakra measurements.

Picture Window/Worry Stones

These are stones containing one smooth side. The smooth window is a gateway to other dimensions and times, excellent for gazing work. The stone may also be kept near you in a pocket or purse, and rubbing the window will relieve worry.


Animal of wealth, abundance, prosperity. Promotes leadership and wit.


Focuses energy in a tight beam through the apex to charge or preserve objects. Universal energy is collected through the tip and dispersed throughout the environment. A very important sacred geometrical shape that aids in overcoming the changes in the 3rd dimension.


Symbolizes life containing sadness (rain) and happiness (sunshine). In healing, rainbows are valuable for disappointment or depression. Placed on heart chakra, rainbow can infuse joy. Rainbows in a crystal intensify the powers.


Aids in channeling work. Helps connect with the Other Side and Ascended loved ones, masters. Relieves fear of Death.


Sends energy in all directions. Facilitates smooth communication in group settings. Smaller spheres are excellent for holding during meditation. Used also for scrying (seeing past and future events).


Good for grounding. Natural occurring squares draw off negative energy and transmute to positive.

Star – Asterism

The Star phenomenon is special and adds to the value of a stone. Keeps away evil powers and brings good fortune.

Tantric Twins

This is a two pointed crystal with the same base. Helps you attract and hold onto love. Enhances compatibility between individuals. One of THE power stones. Use with care!


Animal of Longevity. Brings a long and protected life. Slow and steady but wise.

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