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Soulful Crystals has an extensive range of crystal healing information articles, written by ourselves, which cover many topics relating to healing crystals and crystal healing.

Soulful Crystals has a comprehensive Crystals A-Z  listing the energetic properties of specific healing crystals. Detailed, pictorial guides on Master crystals, crystals with specific metaphysical qualities, crystal skulls, Platonic solids and many more….

Find out how to activate, cleanse and programme crystals or how to choose a crystal for yourself or others. Discover what chakras, subtle bodies and auras are.

Open and balance chakras and align subtle bodies using crystal energy healing techniques…..

Soulful Crystals has various search facilities to enable you to find the perfect crystal to meet your needs. You can search by crystal name, chakra, colour, or by physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Each search offering suggestions for you to ponder….


Blue Obsidian

Articulate Communication

Blue Obsidian is a soft pale blue type of Obsidian, a silica rich volcanic rock, glassy in appearance and is rare in its natural from. Much Blue Obsidian available is man made … [Read More. ]



Unconditional Divine Love, Love and Emotional Healing


Faden Quartz

Energetic Healing

Faden Quartz is a type of Quartz which is a silicon dioxide and can be recognized by the fibrous looking "thread" that is visible within the main tabular crystal. Faden is German … [Read More. ]

Lithium Quartz

Inner Peace and Harmony

Lithium Quartz is a rare form of Quartz, silicon dioxide,  with inclusions of the lavender /pink coloured mineral Lithium. It is from Minas Gerais, Brazil. The frequency of … [Read More. ]


Divine Love and Emotional Healing

Morganite is a variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate. The colour range is pink, peach or purple/pink, the colour being caused by manganese inclusions and its intensity is … [Read More. ]

Brandenberg Quartz

Purification and Grounding

Brandenberg Quartz aka Brandberg Quartz is a form of Quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral. It is often found as a combination of Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and Clear Quartz. The colour … [Read More. ]


Multi-Dimensional Awareness

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