Healing from emotional abuse

healing from emotional abuse

Judie Keys, CCH

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

New Life Coach

I specialize in.

empowering gals and guys.

to heal from the panic.

in their lives.

Do you feel:

● Trapped? ● Disrespected? ● Mistreated? ● Unsuccessful? ● Guilty? ● Shame? ● Fearful? ● Angry? ● Sad? ● Worthless ● Depressed?

relive painful memories?

have nightmares?

feel detached?

have little or no interest in activities?

feel helpless?

have trouble sleeping?

feel irritable?

have outbursts of anger?

have difficulty concentrating?

find yourself being overly alert?

startle easily?

feel intense fear?

persistent feelings of anxiety?

difficulty completing tasks?

have flashbacks of a terrifying event?

avoid situations that trigger upsetting recollections?

If you experience any of the above responses, you may have PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), panic and/or depression. Whatever the cause, it can be healed.

Please contact Judie Keys, CCH direct now to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, (858) 560-0557. She can help you!

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Would you like to feel:

● Powerful?

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