Healing herbs

healing herbs

Before I had cancer I thought that disease was a very complicated topic only for doctors and research scientists. Plus, from the documentaries and movies I watched I learned that disease could also be dramatic. When I visited someone in the hospital or I was there myself I was in awe and intimidated by the doctors and nurses. They were working in a realm of mystery where things you could not see could kill you. They had machines that appeared very complicated and powerful, some used radiation or sound waves. These same people could also cause fear because their techniques could bring pain and suffering.

Well, I learned different when I beat my cancer with Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine (see biography). Here is what I learned and it is the direction I would like to see this website go. Disease is not complicated it is actually very simple and the application of common sense techniques can defeat any disease. All germs and viruses are weak and can be defeated easily with cleansing and nutrition. There is only one cancer and it is a disease joke if you know what to do and you are willing to do what it takes to cure your cancer.

When I cured my cancer the fear I had of disease was gone forever. Today, when someone pulls their hand away from me saying "I do not want to give you my flu" I laugh because I have not had a cold or flu for over 18 years. I have no fear of cancer, viruses, germs, heart disease or any so called incurable diseases because I know the truth. And as they say "the truth will set you free"; and that is just where I'm at, free. If you want drama and a health system that is more about disease than it is about health, just go to your nearest doctor or hospital. If you are looking for vibrant health and a long and fruitful

life you have come to the right place.

After I cured my cancer, one thought that moved to the front of my mind was "I want to see this information spread". I want as many people as possible to know that there is another way to fight disease that works 100% every time. I want those people who use this form of healing to be completely confident that it will work for them as it did for me.

Thompsonian herbalism is the oldest herbal system and school in America. It is a herbal system with roots that go back to the first people who walked both the European and American continents. The use of natural healing herbs and herbal remedies have a track record as old as western civilization. There is no question about whether the system will work. If it did not work or was dangerous, it would have disappeared long ago. I personally have experience with the use of these natural healing herbs, and the herbal remedies and techniques of the Thompsonian system. It is the same system that saved my life and cured my cancer.

This website offers information about all the different natural healing herbs and herbal remedies, and information about the programs you can follow that can help maintain a vibrant, healthy life. We also make those herbs and herbal combination available to you. We use only wild crafted or organic herbs in our combinations. All of our supplements are from food as nature planned it. We do not use chemicals so you get full food absorption with nothing your body does not understand or accept. Our cleansing programs are easy to follow and will not interfere with your life style only enhance it. You will also find that our detoxing programs are just as easy to follow and do a thorough absorption of heavy metals and toxins from your filtering organs (liver and kidneys) and organs of elimination.

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