Healing miracles

healing miracles

An Introduction to a Gentle Health & Healing Coach


    according to 1Cor,12:9-10

Pastor Ron Cohen,   Health &  Miracle Healing Coach

Who wouldn't want a health coach who is also gifted by God to heal and work miracles. Well, such a person exists: he is my husband Ron Cohen, and I want to introduce him to you.



Now first of all you must be aware that NO one can guarantee supernatural healing or miracles. That is in God's hands. But supernatural healing AND HEALING MIRACLES occur  more often than people realize. The Bible says in  1Cor.12:9-10           that God has gifted some people to operate in gifts of healing and in the working of miracles, and these are gifts that have functioned through my husband for many years, since becoming a Christian, and while serving in many countries and among people of diverse ethnic groups. 

In our 30+  years of ministry we have heard reports from 1000s of people who have been healed supernaturally. A  few of those reports get written down, and even fewer have fotos to document them. But the report ts keep coming in.



He has strong faith that MINIMALLY from that point on the illness or disease will turn around and NOT GET WORSE, only up hill to better!

(This video shows a few before and after pictures. It ran on  TV in Africa announcing a large public healing meetings my husband led  in Aug. 2012.)    

Regarding pictures of healing miracles: consider something like cancer or stomach ulcers. If you took a picture of the person, a before and after picture wouldn't show any difference. because the healing took place inside. That is why the pictures we have on our website usually show changes in the length of legs, or people walking who could not walk before. These are supernatural healings that you can actually see.



My husband Ron LOVES to see people get well. And he is committed to help you get there.

He is also highly knowledgeable in healthy living. As he will tell you, he has seen many people whom God has healed get themselves sick all over again by returning to an unhealthy life-style that fosters degenerative disease. He is very skillful and personally uses diet and health regimes that address illness and bring in health.



My husband Ron has walked many hundreds of people through the steps to health and healing.  

He will work will you on 2 fronts:

  • how to improve your health through properly caring  for your body
  • how to build up your faith to receive supernatural health.

He also has deep understanding  of why some prayers for healing are not answered.  And can explain to you important matters that can stand in the way of receiving healing from God.


          re: Faith Healing

I want you to give a little thought to the topic of faith healin g. A lot of people think that they need to have a lot of faith to be healed. That may be try in some cases, but not for everyone. Sometimes it is the faith if the person who is praying for you that accomplishes the faith healing!  And consider also, who has the greatest faith of all? Jesus Christ Himself. His faith alone is enough to accomplish great healing in your life.

I am delighted to introduce him to you.  I know that you will enjoy his comments. and will benefit greatly from his wisdom, kindness, and care.   And, yes, I am biased, but also know that he will take very good care of you in your place of need .

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