Healing mudras

healing mudras

A “mudra” is a hand gesture, just as a “mantra” is a sound and a “mandala” is an image or thought. A mudra is a particular position of your hands that connects the energy channels in your fingers in certain ways, in order to produce a precise and beneficial effect. When the tips of specific fingers touch, this action activates energy relays which, in conjunction with the normal flow of energy through your straightened fingers, produces specific desirable affects in your physical and energetic bodies.

Some mudras are designed to stimulate their beneficial effects in your physical body, while others are designed to affect your Spiritual bodies. Effects of the physical mudras range from rebuilding your bones and cartilage, to healing your kidneys, to clearing your mind, to helping you to get up more quickly in the morning. Spiritual mudras have a broad range of elevating effects that can enhance your psychic abilities, help you forgive, reduce anger, raise your energy level, etc. In fact, there are hundreds of different mudras. From these you may create all

the effects you could possibly wish for, but it is recommended that you learn them one at a time.

Pran mudra

This mudra stimulates the base Chakra, the channels of energies in the legs, and the minor Chakras in the middle of the feet. This mudra is called “Mudra of Life”. It elevates the energy level, reduces fatigue, and clears your eyesight. It will enhance your determination and self trust. It is also used in conjunction with treatments for eye disorders.

Straighten your index and middle fingers; place your thumb against your ring and your little fingers at the tips, forming a circle. Take deep, slow, Normal Breaths. Concentrate on your base Chakra and the soles of both feet. To begin: After a minute of breathing normally, begin Reversed Breathing and continue for several cycles. Breathe in and tighten your abdomen, sexual organs, perineum and buttocks. Hold your breath in for five seconds and then release everything, except the mudra. Breathe normally again and repeat this cycle for five minutes.

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