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healing place church

"I can’t believe what just happened. The world takes and takes and hurts and hurts…all you people have done is give."

These are the words of a man who visited one of the Healing Place Church mobile dental clinics in one of the poorest regions of Louisiana.

Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—and the Healing Hands healthcare ministry—is just one of the organizations Hand of Hope. Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions is proud to have helped.

One of the Poorest Regions in Louisiana

On average, a family from Donaldsonville, Louisiana, makes about $8,200 a year. Most families can barely feed their children—let alone afford dental care. So, they go years without care. And since a tooth extraction costs about $300, these people endure the pain and infections of rotting teeth.

As Mike Haman, a pastor at Healing Place Church, puts it, "Obviously the needs are tremendous."

That’s one of the reasons why Drs. Joseph and Cheri LeBlanc founded Healing Hands healthcare ministry. And to help this ministry, Hand of Hope donated a 40 foot long truck outfitted with an x-ray machine, 2 exam rooms and dental chairs to HPC.

Every month Joseph and Cheri LeBlanc and staff volunteer their Saturdays to drive the dental truck to 3 of the poorest regions in the state of Louisiana: Donaldsonville, St. Francisville and Gonzales.

Donaldsonville Dream Center

The original clinic started in a closet at the Donaldsconville Dream Center. In a 4-hour clinic, the doctors might have seen 6-8 patients. However, once we gave HPC the mobile dental truck, the doctors can see 30-35 patients. Most teeth the LeBlancs see are completely rotted. That’s why at an average 4-hour clinic, up to 24 teeth can be pulled from

6-8 patients. That’s 3 or 4 teeth per person. In some cases, it’s even more.

Volunteer dentist Damon Hughes says, "You see multiple teeth broken down…sometimes 8 to 10 teeth…you’re like, ‘where do I start?’"

High-Risk St. Francisville

In St. Francisville, racial tensions run high. In fact, HPC was cautioned from building a church there. let alone bringing in a dental clinic.

However, HPC dental and medical staff and volunteers went to help these folks regardless—most whom are working but simply can’t afford health care.

Thanks to HPC, people in St. Francisville know that they will not have to face extreme pain and infection from rotting teeth any longer. HPC is showing them that someone cares.

HPC Spanish Campus in Gonzales

The people in St. Francisville and Donaldson aren’t the only ones struggling. Over 10,000 Spanish-speaking people in the Ascension Parish area of Baton Rouge are ineligible for Medicaid since they are visiting on work visas. Without dental coverage, families—mostly children—are suffering pain from infected teeth.

Co-founder Cheri LeBlanc said she carries a sense that they are not doing enough because when you look at the number of people who are hurting there are still so many. "I guess that feeling will never go away, and I don’t want to get ‘comfortable’ with it."

This sort of passion is what inspires us to help organizations and churches like HPC. But medical and dental trucks aren’t the only thing HPC does.

Thank You

Friends and partners, your faithful support has enabled us to lend a hand to organizations and churches like Healing Place Church to accomplish some incredible things for God…and touch the lives of multiplied thousands through these outreaches.

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