History of The Power of Healing Crystals

Dating back thousands of years, Crystal Healing has been used by many cultures.

The Mayans and Ancient Hebrews used this type of healing daily.  Crystal Healing Stones were also to be found in the Shams Bag of Healing Tools in the Native American, Tibetan and Indian Cultures.

It has been proven that these Ancient Healing Stones emit beneficial energetic vibrations, which are extremely subtle and can heal ones Body, Mind and Spirit. Therefore introducing them to our energy field can help repair our energetic imbalances within our ethereal body. Anything that posses an energy field can receive Crystal Healing.

There used to be some lingering scepticism among people who had not experienced Crystals, but that was because they had not been properly introduced to the vast power of each Crystal and their overall ability to heal.

So many scientists and psychologists today believe in the power of Healing Crystals and have proven that there is a definate interchange between certain portions of the brain and the energy Crystals emit.

Each Crystal has its own special energetic vibration

Each Crystal has electromagnetic power that can intensify the human Aura, helping to clarify thoughts, channel energy and heal.

One fascinating fact is that it has been proven through Kirlian Photography that when a person holds a Crystal their energy field is intensified.

However, on saying that – to get the best from each Crystal you need to know as much as possible about each one as each has it’s own special energy vibration, therefore, can be used for specific healing purposes once programmed.  A chart of this can be found in our store.

There has been a tremendous growth in the popularity of Crystals in recent years, which is very exciting as this simply reflects the necessary resurgence of that ancient way of knowing.

Wearing and working with Crystals everyday stimulates the innate intelligence which we all possess and which brings so much life and enjoyment into our everyday life.

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