Healing prayers

healing prayers

Healing Prayers - the Spiritual Change Tool

The pain in Sarah's back is so unbearable at one point that she blabbed out loud "This pain in my back please go away." Sarah can make this her healing prayer just by directing this request to God. It's that simple, though not so casually. Prayers set the stage for the supernatural to happen. Healing prayers can bring the supernatural healing grace and power of God your way.


Prayer is direct communication to God. Those who do prayers include Christians who believe in Jehovah God Almighty, Muslims who believe in Allah, and Buddhists who believe in Buddha. Here at Divine Health and Healing Ways, Jehovah God is the subject of our faith and the source of all we know and bring to you on this site. We approach prayer from the Christian point of reference. We have not heard of nor do we know of any other god with the credentials of Jehovah. We are persuaded beyond any doubt that He stands alone above all other gods in demonstrated ability to hear and to answer prayers, including healing prayers, and to do other wonders. Our allegiance and indebtedness is forever to Him and Him alone.

  • PRAYER OF PETITION for INTERVENTION: - This kind of prayer makes a request to God to do something for you. Its sole focus is the request for God to take action and help you overcome an unwanted situation in your life. Healing prayer is a petition to God for healing mercy and grace. It is frequently used also when praying for the needs of others.
  • PRAYER OF INTERCESSION: - A selfless prayer where you are asking God to meet the need of someone else.

  • PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS: - A prayer that recognizes that you are inadequate to stand before God because of your sins. Here, you confess your sins and ask for and receive forgiveness for them. This is an important kind of prayer to pray because unconfessed sins will act as an invisible sheild that will allow your prayer to be blocked and made ineffective.

  • THANKSGIVING PRAYER: - A prayer that recognizes that God is the source of all things and devotes time to honor him with your words of appreciation for who He is in your life, and in all things.

  • PRAYER OF DELIVERANCE: - A serious petition to God to set you free from the forces that have invaded and control parts of your life and behavior. This is the prayer used to ask for the power to overcome addictions and other destructive behaviors. Emotional disorders and illness can also be defeated with

    this kind of prayer.

  • You Need This to Pray Effectively:
  • Prayer is for the person who believes in God Almighty and in his ability to do all things and willingness to answer prayers.
  • Prayers to God with whom you have no relationship and have no trust in is fruitless. It is easy to have a relationship with God Almighty. Just tell him, perhaps right now, that you believe he is your God and that he sent Jesus Christ to die for your sins as your Savior.

  • Effective prayers come from a heart that does not harbor bitterness and evil toward anyone. You can ask for and receive forgiveness before you pray other prayers.

    • Focuses your thought energy on what you desire to see regarding your health or healing need.
  • Allows you to humble yourself in recognition that you are unable to help yourself in the area of your need.

  • Presents you with a platform for communicating with the supernatural power that controls everything and is able to change all things.

  • Renews and gives energy to your hope in tomorrow's possibilities as it concerns your health and healing needs. Sample Prayer

    God of heaven and earth, you are the only true God and you love all persons, including me. You have promised to accept every person who come to you with all their heart and accept that you are Lord of all? Lord, I confess now that you are my God and ask that you forgive me. I have heard that you can do all things and I come to you in hope that you will show your power in my life. Lord, I need you to come to my help for I have no where else to turn to but to you. I ask now that you heal me of this (mention your illness here). Help me to know you more and to be strong in my faith in you. Thank you for hearing me and answering my prayer, as I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Click Here For More Sample Prayers

    If you have a prayer need and like us to join you in prayer, please use the form below to submit your prayer request. Periodically, we will post prayer requests on this site and ask our visitors to join in prayer for those needs. It may take some time for your prayer request to get posted, so do not worry over this. We at DIVINE HEALTH and HEALING WAYS will always be praying for all needs that we receive. CLICK HERE to SUBMIT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST.

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